What we're about

This group is about women helping women with self-empowerment skills to eventually with time have a transformation to live a life with no pain.

Have you ever wondered what mental, verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse-can do to a child or an adult? Do you know the results?

In my life journey, I’ve seen many men and women suffering with emotional problems due to some sort of abuse. This abuse took place while growing up and at the same time they're searching for answers.

They asked themselves: “Why I’m I going through this suffering and confusion? What did I do to deserve the pain? Why I’m I stuck in this painful relationship and I can’t do nothing about it, even though I know this is not good for me? Why can’t I let it go and be free from the torture and the pain?”

We’re starting this group to help you with these questions. In this group, we’ll learn about our pain and learn to let go. My dear women come and join the group if you want to know the answers to your pain. We’ll also learn baby steps to get out of the dark and painful cocoon. Once we are out, we’ll learn to fly!!

Free at last from the struggles, confusion, nightmares, pain, torture and most of all free from a painful and abusive relationship!

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