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Note: **This is an update from the original copy. After what seems like some confusion as to how "sexuality" is defined, I thought I would refer to the American Psychological Association's definition:

"Sexuality is a broad area of study related to an individual's sex, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation. It also includes the effect of prejudice and discrimination based on the aforementioned topics, as well as sexual disorders".

There's a plethora of topics and issues to consider. Furthermore, we shall explore how said issues possibly effect our culture and society as well… Ok, enough said about that, lets roll up our sleeves and have some fun.**

So what is this “Rabbit” thing anyways?

I’ve heard plenty of women talking about them, so I checked out a sex shop the other day to investigate. The device looked pretty complicated and interesting at the same time.What struck me is that there are all these sexual unknowns that have these larger than life, mythical qualities that need to be broken down and demystified.

I want to create a space where courageous and inquisitive people like you can come out and talk about human sexuality topics in a safe, and encouraging environment. It’s important that both women and men have a voice in this group and we’ll be talking about issues related to both genders.

What’s out there and worth talking about? What do people think is the best way to meet the people they would like to get physical with? Have you ever been on a date where you revealed too much too soon? One of my favorite quotes from Sex in the City and a question I often ask of myself, “Are we simply romantically challenged, or are we sluts?”In today’s electronic age, where does romance and sex meet?

What do people really want when it comes to down to the nuts and bolts of the act.

Are our needs really that different?

When people say they have a fetish, what are they talking about? Are there more flavors than “vanilla?” What kinds of things are tempting and how does this attachment develop? Could my new stilettos be a form of bastinado? Bastinado- foot torture! Who knew? What does it mean when someone identifies himself or herself as leading an “alternative lifestyle?” Why do some people find such words so scary? How can barriers be broken down between various sexual identities and be better understood?

Everyone is invited to come out. Gay, straight, pansexual, transsexual… what ever it is that rings your bell, but be prepared to come out, talk and be active participants in the discussion. This could get pretty graphic and if this makes you uncomfortable maybe this meetup isn’t for you.

Starting off, there are a few rules and I’m sure more will come up in the future.

This meetup is geared to people over 21.

Ok, the rules:

One,respect must be shown for the thoughts and opinions of other members participating in the discussion. There’s no need to repeat what is said during chatting sessions. These topics are of a sensitive nature and respect and courtesy is crucial for its success. This is a tolerance-based meeting and one of the goals is to open people to new ideas and share their own experiences. In order for people to feel comfortable, please respect confidentiality. Those who are acting inappropriately will be asked to leave the meeting and ejected from the group.

Two, this is group is not intended as a “hook-up” situation. We’re here to have a tasty beverage, meet people and chat… If you meet someone who shares your interests and so forth, what you do on your own time is up to you ;). But I am not responsible for your actions or decisions.

Three, this meetup is for all communities to discuss human sexuality topics and therefore does not endorse any online or real-life sexually based organizations. Please do not refer to them or other members of said communities in your profile. If this does occur, your profile will be deleted within 24 hours. Everyone in this group is equally important and must be shown the same respect.

The most important thing to me is that this meetup is fun and a way to talk about things honestly and in the open. I think that’s an important thing that people forget; sexuality doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Human beings are pretty funny in their own way; please bring a sense of humor when you come out. This is a group, where people are encouraged to bring their ideas and lay them out on the table. We can take the discussion in many ways: psychologically, societal norms, gender, aging, philosophical, mainstream, demographically, sociologically, historically, deviant, political, the actual act, what’s hot and what’s not?

Let me put it out there, I’m not a sexologist (at least not professionally) nor do I have a degree in human sexuality. However, I am curious and know it’s a topic that everyone can learn more about.

So, why not join me and have an interesting conversation about what we’re really thinking?

Thanks and can't wait to hear from you!


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