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As your new organiser I’d like to introduce myself and invite you to participate. As you know ACTION IS KEY! We don’t want to keep wishing and hoping and waiting, we want to take control of our lives. Before I carry on, however, I’d like to thank Risa for setting up the ‘Breakthrough to Freedom’ group and for bringing us all together!

I’m a thinker, analyser and Theta healing practitioner. My natural curiosity and resistance to mediocracy have pushed me to find ways of re-programming this stubborn brain of mine! To progress my life in the desired direction, (a direction CHOSEN by myself!) I knew I need to work on my mind-set to change old habits and behaviours. At the same time it became very clear, that ‘bettering’ yourself is a life style rather than just a course, a diet or a retreat, and that commitment is key to make a change, which tends to show gradually but steadily with lasting results. My journey started few years back, but it really took off after I learnt and implemented Theta healing into my life. Finally, I’m not struggling but thriving!

This Meetup is a promise of learning, support, inspiration, growth, and also fun along the way! The cherry on the top is ACCOUNTABILITY! I understand we all want to progress our career, or change it completely, therefore, accountability is vital. The aim is to find an accountability partner or a group to make sure it’s not just fun but also so that the desired results are tangible.

If there is any particular subject you are interested in exploring during one of our workshops, please drop me a line. Any questions you’d like to ask, ideas or challenges you’d like to share with me please also get in touch.

Lots of love,

Ewelina x


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