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Too busy to join a band and commit to the practice needed to be in a band due to life's obligations (family, work, etc.); however, you have a love for music and still want to play with others. Then join this group if you are an intermediate player and want to play music with others.

Friday nights from 6pm until 10pm.

This group is not for beginners or novices.

You should only join if you are an intermediate player or better.

Our event is held at my shop in Brea in an industrial area so we won't be hassled while playing, and we won't bother other people while playing.

Main rules:
No drugs
No alcohol
Keep the volume at a correct level. When someone asks you to turn it down, move it to 1/2 the volume you currently are at.
No noodling (this is stringing your guitar or bass instruction when no one else is playing and discussing a song or what to play next.)

This is a "US" jam session, which means prima donnas will be let go from the group. The goal is to have fun together.

I did this same set up on meetup.com four years ago and we ended up with a core group of people that played together twice a month for 2.5 years. It was really a great time together, gave us all a pressure release from life, gave us all a terrific experience with others, and we are all still great friends today. Music brings people together.

I know from the past that many guitarists will quickly sign up. I believe the ratio is 100 guitarists for every other musician :) Because of this, I will highly limit the amount of guitarist we allow into the group and we are really interested in getting drummers, keyboards, brass instruments, singers, harmonica players, and many other musicians so we have a band and not just a guitar jam session.

Another thing we learned from the past is people who sign up that live more than 30 minutes away from Brea in rush hour traffic on Friday evenings and nights, come once or twice and don't come again. If you live more than 30 minutes away from Brea in rush hour traffic on Friday evenings and nights, really consider if you really want to join this group or not.

For me, I play guitar, a little bit of keyboards, trumpet, trombone, harmonica, and other instruments. I just started playing drums about 6 months ago.

We play Classic Rock, Alternative, Recent music, and very little country music (and I mean very little.) We don't play originals; however, we might be willing to try your original only if you can allow everyone to make it into something that they make it. I know for a fact it will never be as you expect your original to be, so if you can't share it and allow it to become what it becomes, then don't allow it to be played.

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