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Come for a LIFE CHANGING experience! Restore Renew and Let it all go. Experience a profound mind body and soul renewal through the transformational experience of Breathwork.

I'll lead you on a BREATHWORKOUT that includes music and a powerful guided meditation to help you reach a deeper state of consciousness where you will get motivated or access buried stressors and release anything that lurks below the surface. You do nothing - THE BREATH DOES ALL THE WORK.

You lay down peacefully and do a simple 3 part active breathing technique that can do wonders to restore balance and improve overall wellbeing.

I discovered Breathwork after struggling with major depression and anxiety and it literally changed my life. I knew instantly I had to become a teacher and share this healing with others.

Breathwork naturally and instantaneously tackles your sympathetic nervous system, ultimately taking you to a beautiful blissful place. It’s been compared to either a year’s worth of therapy or a natural mini ayahuasca trip in one session. Or for me, it’s both!

Come experience release and relief for yourself and REJUVENATE YOUR SPIRIT!

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Special Event: Breathwork & Soundbath

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New Years Breathwork Meditation

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Breathwork Renew and Reboot

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Breathwork and Intuitive Reading with Kat

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