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Breathwave is a non- profit, non-religious organization having many centers across the globe. The aim of the organization is to help people realize their purpose of life and answer questions about their very existence. It believes in the power of changing one’s own self and talks about personal and soul transformation. The concepts of the workings of the physical body being a covering of the soul and the vital force of breath flowing through the Nadis are explained in the simplest of fashion. The motto with which the organization lives by is,” A place where the soul rejuvenates.”

Its methodologies are straightforward and easy to understand. The group members believe in the power of collectivity and share their experiences, learning from each other along the way. This creates an atmosphere of love and helps in the upliftment of each person. The concept of duality ceases as all become one, walking towards a common goal and traversing the same path. The members, called "soulmates" are spread all over the world and connect through various media platforms.

The pearls of wisdom are given by Sri Rajkumar Pilli, who is a Yoga Guru and the founder of Breathwave. His teachings are shared amongst his followers through his personal experiences. His life is like an open book and he has and is continuously receiving guidance from his Gurus. He believes in the power of doing rather than procrastinating. He guides each member to throw away their limiting belief systems, debilitating behavior patterns and move forward to turn their response systems into operating from love and compassion for everyone, with no demarcations.

Vedas and scriptures like the Bhagvad Gita are explained to the members for them to imbibe and follow. Regular meetings are held so that each one is able to walk on this path of spirituality with faith and positivity. Meditation techniques are given so that one learns to focus and relax. Ancient fire rituals coupled with the Vedic chants are performed daily, which help in the purification of the atmosphere and enhance the healing properties. These also assist in balancing the cycle of nature and reduce the effects of our modern ways of living like pollution, pesticides, climate change etc.

Breathwave Yoga is an essential tool to enhance the overall well-being. Classes are held daily to help one nurture the physical self. Yoga helps in aligning the chakras and brings harmony between the body, mind and soul. Emphasis is given on Surya Namaskar, which has been specially designed by Shri Rajkumar Pilli.

Breathwave is also an organization which aims to help the society move forward with its various projects. It is involved in teaching children, uplifting women, providing medical aid, assisting in blood donation camps and facilitating other activities. As an organization, it believes in joining hands and holds art competitions, nature walks and is soon going to launch a children's activity club, which will help inculcate the moral values in them from a young age. The organization believes in giving back to the society and helping in raising individuals who would work towards a better tomorrow. The aim of Breathwave is to keep moving forward, so that the future generations would feel secure.

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