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You are invited to a circle of co-creation, breathwork, movement and sound.

Look at the way you breathe as a reflection and expression of the way you live; how we breathe affects how think and feel about life and vice versa; it is the breath that bridges our internal and external worlds. Our brains use 20-25% of our oxygen for nourishment but in today’s polluted environment and fast-paced living we are not getting what we need to operate at our full potential, leading to diminished vitality and awareness.

The body is an archive of all we enter this world with as well as the experiences and traumas we may have encountered along the way. Blocks and stagnation in our bodies energy flow can cause discomfort, imbalance & dis-ease.

Conscious breath gives us an opportunity to access parts of ourselves that we may not see clearly or give attention to. Through the breath, we have a chance to explore and delve into our unconscious or suppressed material, to retrieve hidden, forgotten or lost parts of ourselves. Through breathing we have the chance to explore how both conscious and unconscious beliefs and memories can impact our life today. In this workshop you will learn that the breath is our medicine and working with it is a sure way of treating your body, mind and spirit to it’s most rich and healing superfood.

*** What to expect***

- An opportunity to connect to your body, mind and spirit through your breath and help improve emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

- Help clear and remove energy blockages and release trauma on an emotional, physical and energetic level.

- Enhance mental clarity & self-awareness.

- Heart healing songs with Hannah Nedas

- Empowering tools and teachings to incorporate into your daily life to help create change and assist you in clearing blockages yourself, accessing and increasing your own capacity for self-healing.

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