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At age 3, my son Brent was diagnosed in the autistic spectrum.
As he grew, I saw that along with his passion for 3d printing figurines, creating fantastic stories, and inventing new video game ideas, Brent would always ask me the same question:
"Daddy, when are we going to build the Toy Factory?"

Later on, I sensed God speaking to my heart through a message I heard, and so 3 years ago Brent and I went to Home Depot and bought a brick that represented my son's dream, believing that the door would somehow open to make it come true.

Fast forward to present day, October 2017, Brent is 14 now, and the foundation is built: 4 video screens (one is 75"), every major video game system, Oculus Rift virtual reality, an animation computer, and soon to be added, a 3d printer.
And because my son loves to give to others, we've already equipped for other areas of creativity: an easel for art, electronic drums, guitar, keyboard, PA and mic.
It is a small space presently, though today's technology is quite compact so it works.

Envisioned as a meeting place for support, education and socializing, the entry room into the Toy Factory has been furnished like a cool little coffee house, complete with a Nespresso and typical coffee makers, a fridge and a microwave. Books, videos, a 55" screen, and original autism art will all be part of the center.

Ultimately the mission is to strengthen and provide resources for autism families of all ages, with an emphasis on allowing young and older teens who display an interest an opportunity to engage and develop their creative gifts and talents so that both they and their parents can discover the incredible abilities God has placed within them. We desire to provide comprehensively for families, and create a fantastic environment to allow neurotypical mentors and spectrum individuals to work together towards a creative goal. In simpler terms, the idea is to see passionate, creative people work together to do something amazing.

If any of what I've said here ignites a desire to step in and bring this dream to life, we are almost finished equipping spaces, now we need but one thing: heroes. Please message me and let's talk. Oh, as a single dad, life can get a little busy, so I ask your patience.

Thank you for taking the time to listen as my son's dream comes alive for so many more who need to dream.
Yours truly,
Jeff (aka - brentrabbittsdad)

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