Past Meetup

World's Largest Food Packing Event

Hosted by Brevard's Fun with Friends

Public group


The Children's Hunger Project is holding an event called the World's Largest Food Packing event to put together food packages for hungry kids in Brevard. They want people to volunteer in one hour shifts throughout the day on February 8th. I contacted them sometime ago about having the Gal Pals work there as a group, but they have not gotten back to me yet about what hour they would want our group. I am adding it to the schedule but, depending on the hour, I may or may not be able to attend myself so if someone else wants to act as host for that event, that would be great.

** I have already sent in our names for this event. Once I find out what time they give us, I'll post it here and individuals can then contact the organization and see if they can sign up for the same time.