What we're about

Handcrafted Brews, Captivating Board Games, and the People they bring together...

There’s something about the combination of brewed drinks and board games that seems to facilitate the quickly diminishing concept of community. Here at BNB, we don’t claim to be experts on either topic, but we are interested in exploring and promoting their incorporation. Join us as we start our journey in Brooklyn, NY with hopes of expanding our passion for handcrafted brews and captivating board games throughout the world!

We've been hosting game nights at local bars and breweries here in Brooklyn since April of 2018 and are currently sponsored by the Twenty Sided Store in Williamsburg. Our goal is to offer structured, quality gaming experiences for local gamers, and to incorporate many aspects aimed at promoting local businesses, artists, designers, and the community as a whole.

You don't need to be a hardcore gamer or a beer snob to join. We welcome all and are constantly working to make sure our events a great experience for all kinds of gamers and beer lovers. Even if you aren't interested in either product - join us anyway! We're a community working to support and promote local industries and we'd love for you to part of our vision.

Past events (15)

Game Night at Bed-Vyne Brew

370 Tompkins Ave

Game Night at Circa Brewing

141 Lawrence St

Game Night at Logan's Run

375a 5th Ave

Brew N Boards Game Night at Interboro

942 Grand St

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