What we're about

Worried about how Brexit affects you? Come and talk to us!

Who is this group for?

• Anyone in Bavaria directly or indirectly affected by Brexit. You may be a British citizen, or married to one, or friends with one, or have friends or family in the UK, or simply interested in lending support.

What are we about?

• We find the facts behind the rhetoric.

• We organise events to provide information and mutual support. And to raise our public profile.

• We work with like-minded groups (eg British in Europe, The 3 Million) to lobby government representatives both here in Bavaria and in the UK to ensure that interests of all those affected are given a fair hearing and fair treatment.

What are we not?

• We are not an expat social group. Our events have a social element to help people make contacts and exchange experience, but the focus is on information, support and action.

• We are not a party-political group. We represent the interests of all those affected by Brexit, regardless of political affiliation.

Past events (17)

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St. George's - The British International School Munich

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