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Join us as we explore the most important trends in technology and their ethical, moral, and societal implications. VR, artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity, surveillance -- experts will help us explore how these and other trends are reshaping how we live and interact, the dangers of them, and ways we can collectively guide them for the social good through a culture and values based innovation lens.

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Hosted by Brian Asingia, Author Cashless Society 101, The Last Digital Frontier @brianasingia #thelastdigitalfeontier #cashlesssociety101 #askasingia

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Data, A.I and Society: Digital Life Seminar Series

Online event

Date 2020 Fall Semester Time Wednesdays, 12.00 - 1.15pm* Virtual Venue Zoom Link > Convenors Helen Nissenbaum, Jessie Taft and Michael Byrne The public Digital Life seminar series offers students and guests an opportunity to engage with leading scholars and practitioners researching and responding to the development and application of digital technologies. Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 12:00:00 PM EDT Read More > Joseph Turow Annenberg School for Communication | University of Pennsylvania Drawing from my forthcoming book The Voice Catchers (Yale U Press, early 2021), I pose two key questions about this new development in the United States: How has the voice intelligence industry been able to gain the kind of social traction that has tens of millions of people giving their up voiceprints to so-called “intelligent assistants”? And in the face of this widespread shift to voice bio-profiling, what social policies should concerned citizens advocate to slow the process and implement regulations regarding this new form of surveillance? Oligarchy and Technology Cory Doctorow Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 12:00:00 PM EDT Read More > Cory Doctorow Author, Activist, Journalist and Blogger Software has eaten the world and crapped out a dystopia: a place where Abbot Labs uses copyright claims to stop people with diabetes from taking control over their insulin dispensing and where BMW is providing seat-heaters as an-over-the-air upgrade that you have to pay for by the month. Companies have tried this stuff since the year dot, but Thomas Edison couldn't send a patent enforcer to your house to make sure you honored the license agreement on your cylinder by only playing it on an Edison phonograph. Today, digital systems offer perfect enforcement for the pettiest, greediest grifts imaginable. Mobility network modeling explains socioeconomic and racial inequality in COVID infection rates and informs reopening strategies Emma Pierson Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 12:00:00 PM EDT Read More > Emma Pierson Microsoft Research In this paper, we develop a model of COVID spread that uses dynamic mobility networks, derived from US cell phone data, to capture the hourly movements of millions of people from local neighborhoods (census block groups, or CBGs) to points of interest (POIs) such as restaurants, grocery stores, or religious establishments. Digital Life Seminar | No. 5 Serge Egelman Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 12:00:00 PM EDT Read More > Serge Egelman International Computer Science Institute | University of California, Berkeley Serge Egelman is Research Director of the Usable Security & Privacy Group at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) and also holds an appointment in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) at the University of California, Berkeley. Digital Life Seminar | No. 6 Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 12:00:00 PM EDT Read More > ​ ​ The Digital Life Seminar series offers students and guests an opportunity to engage with leading scholars and practitioners researching and responding to the development and application of digital technologies. Digital Life Seminar | No. 7 Joshua A. Tucker Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 12:00:00 PM EDT Read More > Joshua A. Tucker New York University Joshua A. Tucker is a Professor of Politics, an affiliated Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies, and an affiliated Professor of Data Science at New York University. He is also the Director of NYU’s Jordan Center for Advanced Study of Russia; a co-director of the NYU Center for Social Media and Politics (CSMaP), and the Social Media and Political Participation (SMaPP) lab; and a co-editor of the award winning politics and policy blog The Monkey Cage at The Washington Post. Email [masked] with questions or interest to speak/present.

Ethical Innovation Dilemma: 2 Speakers, Infinite Insights, (A.I + Blockchain)

Pre-Watch at www.cashlesssociety.one and join us for QnA. The current COVID19 pandemic has highlighted significant vulnerabilities across the systems we take for granted: from global supply chains to healthcare to finance, the push to define an automated, highly efficient future is deafening. But how can we leverage the disruptive automation potential of data-driven technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and Robotics while striking the right balance for the overall good of society? Our esteemed speakers for this event aim to provide some guidance to technology professionals and executives faced with such impactful decisions. ----------------------------------- Speaker 1: Michael Grant, Senior Account Executive, AntWorks Title: AI and Automation: Gateways to Digital Transformation Bio: Michael Grant helps executives transform their business with digitization, automation, and enterprise intelligence to unlock the productivity required to compete amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He is a senior account executive with a leading artificial intelligence and intelligent automation company called AntWorks. He helps customers transform the way they work by extracting meaning and actionable insight from their data and integrating core systems with digital ecosystems. Abstract: Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance are undergoing unprecedented change driven by regulations, API banking, and rapid technological progressions in mobility, data science, and artificial intelligence. These changes are altering the competitive landscape, traditional product offerings, and the way that customers buy and use financial services. In this session, we will explore how to use technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to solve real-world challenges that allow venerable institutions to transform their businesses and compete in a digital world. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaker 2: Brian Asingia, Advisor, Board Director and DreamGalaxy CEO “Technology is a tool for progress towards a better society.” - ASINGIA, @brianasingia Title: The Art and Culture of Ethics and Values-Based Innovation and Design Abstract: In his books and talks, Asingia captures the essence of how humanity-first design and innovation can leverage technology in delivering meaningful solutions for the 21st century and beyond. By putting ethics and values first, automation, data privacy, cyber-security, and other concerns of the future of work, education, health, and finance can be approached in a sustainable way. This is achieved through the four IoTs of The Last Digital Frontier: Identity, Ownership, Trust, and Scale. Bio: Brian is an Advisor, Board Director, and CEO of DreamGalaxy. His expertise is built on decades of experience in cross-disciplinary environments from Wall Street's The New York Stock Exchange automation to launching DreamGalaxy as well as mentoring corporate and startup executives while engaging public officers and politicians. Humanity must triumph and culture, ethics and values-based innovation and design strategy is the way. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA Wednesdays, 2020 (12:00 PM to 12:30 PM EDT) Watch recorded video ahead of time on www.cashlesssociety.one and join us for QnA. 12:00 pm – 12:05 pm Introduction (Denis Nwanshi) 11:05 pm – 11:30 pm AI and Automation: Gateways to Digital Transformation (Michael Grant) 11:30 pm – 11:45 pm Q&A 11:45 pm – 12:10 pm The Art and Culture of Ethics and Values-Based Innovation and Design (Brian Asingia) 12:10 pm – 13:25 pm Q&A 13:30 pm - Thanks and closing Pre-Watch at www.cashlesssociety.one and join us for QnA.

Ethical NYC: Monthly Happy Hour

Elliot library 507


Happy Hour for Humanity Many of us are young professionals working full-time jobs, some are starting and caring for families, and we’re all living in what seems to be a state of survival trying to make it here in the tri-state area–but we’re not alone! Although we lead busy lives, we know it’s important to engage with others in our community to support, motivate, and challenge each other to be our best ethical selves. Once a month, let’s unite and make some time to meet over refreshments to discuss current ethical issues around the globe as well as ones we’re facing locally. Through current events, short articles, TED Talks, and personal narratives, let’s break out of our daily routines to make a toast to humanity together. Monthly, fourth Friday. Free for members, $5 for guests!

Storytime with DreamGalaxy Academy

Online event

Topic: #AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Anansi XR (360/Web VR) comic book author About the Author: "I started Udeesa Systemics & Technology when I realized that aside from hip-hop and injustice I didn't know, and would rarely hear, much about African culture and heritage. After learning of the Adinkra symbols, I traveled to Ghana with Miles Davis to use tools like VR & 360-degree photography both to bridge a knowledge gap for myself and to provide a relevant resource for others who, like me, were otherwise uninformed or misinformed about the African continent and its history. Today my pursuit is the same but my conviction to do so effectively is infinitely stronger. There will be no peace, there can be no justice and there is no love without first establishing understanding. It can be difficult to understand what you cannot see, but that is no longer an excuse. So please, look and continue to learn about the plight, value, resolve, and capacity of a global community that to this day has no choice but to persist. The world is far from hopeless & the ONLY direction we will go is forward." About Udeesa: Udeesa Systemics & Technology Presents; Anansi the Spider's XR Storybook. The Stories of Anansi are Ghanaian folklores now prevalent throughout the world where Anansi is considered to be the God of all knowledge & stories. Together with the use of emerging technologies such as 360-degree photography, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Anansi's stories can now be explored and engaged with to expose learners of all ages to a new perspective of the African Continent.XLTV1 | Anansi Storybook and other series are published and distributed globally in print and digitally on DreamGalaxy TV by The Pearl Dream, Inc and it's global subsidiaries or affiliates. Email questions ahead at [masked] to be prioritized. 10 Questions will be chosen each week with 3 focused on per day for in-depth analysis with shareable slides or documents emailed to attendees. Join Zoom Meeting (link visible after RSVP) Pre-order the book at https://www.amazon.com/XLTV1-Storybook-Udeesa-Systemics-Technology/dp/0578636298/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

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Storytime with DreamGalaxy Academy

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