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    Citizen science is where volunteers, in collaboration with scientists, get involved in science. This can be collecting and analyzing data, interpreting results, classifying and transcribing information, conducting experiments or playing games. Citizen scientists can help experts who are overwhelmed by big data and new technology to gather even more data, solve complex problems and make discoveries using new technologies! At the same time, the participants have fun, learn about science, develop skills, and gain a greater understanding of the scientific process. Whether you are passionate about birds, the environment, quantum physics or bio-hacking, you can always find a citizen science project that matches your interests. Join us!

    This free Meetup aims at engaging anyone with an interest in citizen science, non-scientist and scientists alike, to:

    • meet up!

    • discuss research, projects, books, articles related to citizen science

    • listen to speakers and participate in Q&A sessions

    • try games, apps, kits

    • participate in citizen science projects together

    • build a community of citizen scientists

    • do further citizen science activities that are not yet listed (ideas are welcome!)

    Citizen science is built around collaboration and active participation of members of the public. This Meetup should reflect these ideas and this is why every member is encouraged to start discussions ( and to suggest new events.

    Anyone with an enthusiasm for science is welcome to join! I look forward to meeting up with you.

    News (

    Three superplayers of an addictive citizen science game have accomplished one thing that Stanford College Medical Faculty believes is unprecedented: They’ve turn out to be the primary authors on a paper ( in a peer-reviewed scientific journal based mostly on their discoveries in taking part in the large-scale, on-line online game EteRNA (

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