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Live Model Portraiture Drawing/Painting session
We are hosting a clothed model for this session. There will be one long pose segmented into 20-30 min segments with brief rests for the model. The longer than figure drawing session is intended to aid in capturing a likeness. We at times may repeat sessions with the same model and pose. Please bring your own art supplies. There are tables and easels available. The Portraiture sessions are held on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. Bring (quiet) snacks and/or a (non-alcoholic) drink, if you like. Please arrive about 10 or 15 mins early so that we can set up and be ready to start at 9:00. This three hour session cost is $15 (cash) - tips are encouraged, but not required :o)

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I'm getting requests to join the group from folks wishing to model. Please note that we love models, but this MeetUp is for Artists rather than models. If you would like to model rather than draw/paint, please contact Ed at Thanks!

Brighton Arts Centre (BAC) was born on MeetUp as 'Brighton Figure Drawing from Life', so named because at its inception it advertised our newly offered life drawing sessions.

Quickly pursuant to that we added plein air opportunities, and then we bundled other, already existing, offerings to the list, such as Academy classes. And so the title Brighton Figure Drawing from Life no longer sufficiently described this Meetup. Plus it was a really long name :D. Hence the name change.

Nothing else has changed, not the location nor the personnel. Hopefully we will be able to add more opportunities for artists as we go, however. But it looks like the MeetUp URL may remain the same ( . We shall see.

The intention of this Meetup from the outset was to offer opportunities to artists who live North of Denver. To attend Life Drawing sessions artists had to drive to Denver - maybe Boulder or Greeley. Why not have something happening right here in Brighton? And while one may not be able to afford a private model on a regular basis, BAC offers artists the great opportunity to draw/paint from life on a regular basis and share the expense; not to mention the opportunity to interact and receive encouragement from fellow artists.

Brighton is growing as an Arts and Culture centre. And we are an involved art of that growth. This Meetup is intended to provide Brighton with a centre for local artists and not so local, with opportunities not necessarily available to the individual artist.

Opportunities available currently include:
Life Drawing Sessions (non-instructed)

We provide three separate sessions for those wishing to draw clothed or unclothed models as well as sessions focused on portraiture. None of these sessions are instructed, although, we do provide instructed classes if so desired, as part of the Academy.

Plein Air Events

While we do not have many of these events in the colder months, we begin in Spring and go through Autumn.

Art Academy

The Academy functions year round. We teach in most mediums* and at all skill levels. Classes are open to teens and adults. Students are taught individually in a group setting.
* Oil, acrylic, pastel, coloured pencil, pencil, charcoal, clay (sculpting) and pottery (wheel and slab-work), etc. We also have a dedicated watercolour class taught by Sharon Krohn.

From time to time we will announce opportunities such as our Gallery events & shows, and art salons.

Contact Ed at for more class information and registration, as well as information about Plein Air outings, Gallery, call for artists and other art events.

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