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This is a group for anyone who wants to improve psychic awareness or who wants transform their beliefs to achieve life purposes and to learn to be happy on a everyday basis. I do workshops about learning Tarot, improving Psychic development, healing wounds and programming the mind to be a happy person. Moreover, I creates shamanic goddess workshops to celebrate the wheel of the year.

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Hi beautiful Angels,

In this course we’ll explore the path of the priestess, specifically in the tradition of Avalon. All women are priestesses, it is in our DNA, we just need to awaken our inner power to understand and work with the energy. We’ll learn how to heal our old wounds and to heal others, understanding how to empower ourselves and manifest what we need in these times of uncertainty. These sessions are rooted in the magical spiritual traditions emerging from the mists of Avalon. Be ready to transform yourself and became a Priestess on your own.

The course is for four weeks and each session is two hours.

1. Introduction to Avalon and understanding the basic tools. Through spiritual visualisation, we will arrive in Avalon.

2. Meeting Morgana, Queen of the Fairies and Creator of reality. Empowerment. Spiritual Visualisation, embodying the power of Morgana in our lives.

3. Excalibur. Receiving the magic Sword to manage our weaknesses and shadow work to become a warrior Priestess. Being assertive and learning to set our boundaries while remaining rooted in the source of love. Spiritual visualisation of receiving the Sword.

4. Holy Grail. Opening to fulfilment, complete connection with divinity, finishing the work done and preparing to be ready for living in the world as a Priestesses.

All the Sessions will be recorded and send it you the following day by email, you can watch them again for three days.

Very Reasonable price: £60 per the whole course. Payment in advance to start the course.

If you are interested to be a Priestess of Avalon and experience it, please contact me: SMS to[masked]

or send an email to: [masked]

May the magic of Avalon be with you.


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