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For people in the Sussex area with an interest in Japan. We meet up regularly, go on day-trips together, eat noodles together, and even occasionally sit in the park drinking beer together. There is no Japanese language requirement.


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Also, please see more about us on http://www.shimaguni.co.uk

Upcoming events (5)

😎おおきに!関西弁おしえまっせ!-Learn the Japanese dialect KANSAIBEN

Ookini (thank you in Kansaiben), let's learn great Japanese dialect Kansaiben in Shimaguni! おおきに!島国で関西弁を学びましょう! 今夜に限り島国は大阪・京都。ネイティブな関西弁を紹介します。 Maido ookini, moukarimakka, kore ikishina hottoite, kamahen kamahen, ...these are all Kansaiben dialect! Some of the words and phrases sound completely different from Hyoujungo, the one we learn first. Let's learn Kansaiben words and phrases, and aim to speak perapera (fluently)! まいどおおきに、もうかりまっか、これいきしなほっといて、かまへんかまへん、 ...わかるでしょうか?すべて関西弁です。 関西弁の単語とフレーズを習って、ペラペラの関西弁をめざしましょう。 This session is for learners with all levels. (*Beginners, intermediate, all welcome) In the case of less than 4 participants, this event will be cancelled. Please make your reservation as soon as possible. £10 for non-Shimaguni students £8 for Shimaguni students


A chance to listen and/or converse ONLY in Japanese with a native speakers! Speaking activities through GAMES will be prepared and explanations of important vocabulary provided. This is a great opportunity to expose yourself to more natural Japanese conversation. This event is aimed for Beginner or above students, or for Absolute Beginners who would like a challenge and some listening practice. Students are encouraged to contribute themselves as much as possible but won’t be pressured to speak. The class is limited to 10 people. In the case of less than 6 participants, this event will be cancelled. Please make your reservation as soon as possible. £10 for non-Shimaguni students £8 for Shimaguni students

🇬🇧 🍵🇯🇵 Language EXCHANGE 日本語と英語

とても気軽に参加できる、皆さんの英語力と日本語力を向上するためのイベントです。 We will have a variety of fun activities to improve your English and Japanese! You don't need to know any Japanese or English to join us. *(Beginners are very welcome. It is fine to speak in English during the meetup if you want to) いろいろなアクティビティーを通してコミュニケーションするので、皆さんに楽しんでいただけます。 参加する人数によっては、小さなグループに分けて会話をする場合もあります。 お気軽に参加していただければ幸いです。 This meetup is in our Trafalgar Street classroom. The room is open from 7:05pm. トラファルガー・ストリート教室で行います。7時05分から部屋が空いています。 参加人数が4人以下、または英語/日本語ネイティブどちらかが欠けている場合、イベントは中止になります。なるべく前日までに予約をお願いします。 In the case of less than 4 participants and no native speakers (either English or Japanese), this event will be cancelled. Please make your reservation as soon as possible. £4 participation fee. 参加費は4ポンドです。(お茶とお茶菓子が含まれます。)

🍷🌞🍺 NOMUNICATION* 飲みニケーション 

Meet at the Lord Nelson pub for a Nomunication. A chance to meet other people with an interest in Japan while cutting through cultural barriers through the subtle power of 'nomunication'*. No Japanese language requirement. このミートアップはノース・レインにあるLORD NELSONというパブで行います。 英会話を練習したい方、日本語を勉強している外国人達と知り合いたい方、ブライトンで友達を作りたい方、どうぞお気軽にご参加下さい。 Nomunication combines the words, communication and the Japanese word nomu (to drink). http://schott.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/03/12/nomunication/?_r=0 ** The Japanese way of saying the word is 飲みニケーション (NOMINIKEESHON). http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E9%A3%B2%E3%81%BF%E3%83%8B%E3%82%B1%E3%83%BC%E3%82%B7%E3%83%A7%E3%83%B3

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