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For people in the Sussex area with an interest in Japan. We meet up regularly, go on day-trips together, eat noodles together, and even occasionally sit in the park drinking beer together. There is no Japanese language requirement.


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Also, please see more about us on http://www.shimaguni.co.uk

Upcoming events (2)


A chance for beginner level students to improve their Japanese speaking skills with 1 hour of speaking activities. English explanations of the important vocabulary needed for the activities and discussion will be provided. This is a great opportunity for learners to pratice Japanese they have learnt, and to expose themselves to more natural Japanese conversation. This event is aimed for Beginner students (STudents who have just been studying for a few months, are studying Genki 1). Students should be able to read hiragana and katakana. Please contact Tom or email [masked] with any questions regarding this event. The class is limited to 4 students. Please make your reservation as soon as possible. £10 participation fee. Payment details will be sent by email or Meetup Message.

🗣️🇯🇵 (ONLINE) Introduction to the Japanese language

(Online) An introductory lesson to Japanese for Absolute Beginners. If you're interested in Japan or Japanese, but have never had the chance to learn anything about the language, this could be the event for you. In this 60 minute class you will learn: - Greetings - Everyday expressions - How the grammar varies from English - The various levels of politeness - How to count from 1 to 10 - How to identify the 3 writing systems - How to read some kanji (the picture-based characters) This lesson will be on the video-seminar platfrom Zoom. Zoom is free and easy to use. You will be sent a link when you sign up for the class. In lessons, we will use slides and an online whiteboard for instruction. There will be some games, quizzes and listening practice [Fee] 10 pounds per person. Please sign up here, or E-mail [masked] to book.

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