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Talks Evening: CQRS and Event Sourcing - plus Alexa in 10 minutes

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CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) is a design pattern that uses different models to represent the “write-side” and “read-side” of a system. From this simple idea a myriad of techniques, technologies and frameworks have emerged over time.

This talk focuses on a (simplified) case-study at TIM Group. We’ll bring CQRS back to its humble origins and solve a series of problems as they arise. We end by introducing Event Sourcing as a powerful technique that can make “doing CQRS” simpler and easier.

David Ellis is a Staff Engineer at TIM Group who works as part of a self-organising team to continuously improve both their software platform and how they deliver it to users. TIM Group connects financial industry professionals through our proprietary network and technology, revolutionizing how investment advice is distributed, analyzed and monetized.

There will also be a short ten minute presentation from James Burt about getting started with Alexa, which will show how a Raspberry Pi and AWS can quickly get you playing with voice interfaces.

We will have beer, soft drinks and pizza supplied by our sponsors Brandwatch. Doors open at 7pm with a chance for developers to meet and talk. The presentation begins at 7:30pm. Developers of all levels are encouraged to join us, especially those new to Java.

This evening will be live streamed with a recording to be posted on our YouTube channel shortly after. The stream starts at 7:30pm and is located at