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"Communicate Better: Convince More" with Arnaud Lamouller-Bonaventure

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Arnaud has volunteered to give a session he presented at the French ScrumDay 2014.

The values of the Agile Manifesto, agile methods and every associated practices are absolutely fantastic. We conceive innovative products that are more relevant and more reliable while actually enjoying doing it… that is when we can convince others of the benefits of these practices and get all stakeholders to commit. But how can we convince them and convey our passion for Agile methods and Scrum?

“Waterfall methods often fail, they lack pertinence and Scrum is much more efficient”. That is what I truly think. However, if I tell it like that to people who have been working with waterfall methodologies for the last 20 years, they can receive it as an insult. I risk antagonizing them and losing the chance to “sell” them Scrum. If I show interest in their stories, in the projects they worked on, in the successes they had as well as the difficulties they experienced, I take care of their need for consideration and sharing. I can then tell them why I like Scrum and which of their difficulties it will help resolve.

We must bring Agility forward to meet the needs of managers, directors, and developers; not let them think that we think we know better than they do.

This presentation will allow you to understand others and their needs, to learn to listen to yourself and your own needs, in order to create a trusting atmosphere in which you can convey and share messages and convictions.