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Swing Dance Classes – Cobourg - Starting Sunday Sept 9th
In this beginner’s Rock ‘n’ Roll swing class you will learn the basics of partner dancing to the infectious tunes of the 1950’s and beyond. This is one of the easiest partner dances to learn and is very versatile with lots of fun moves to help you look great and to have fun at any social event. There's also a separate Intermediate class from 1:30 to 2:30pm No partner or previous experience required. COST: $15 drop in fee CONTACT the instructor: Gabia Ferguson[masked] While this class is not organized by this Meetup group, our member John is present at all the classes and will greet you at the door!

St Peters Church

240 College St · Cobourg, ON

What we're about

Let's be social and do something together!

The Brighton Rendezvous group is dedicated to bring back a face-to-face social life in this virtual electronic age. We have no specific membership requirement, no age range nor preferred location. We just want to know you!

We charge a nominal $5 per year per member to cover the monthly fees charged by for running this website. There are no fees to join the group as a guest for 30 days; if you then decide this group is a nice addition to your social life, please submit your membership dues. You may do so using your debit or credit or card, through our PayPal link or in person at an event. Membership dues cover a calendar year and are not refundable.
Some events might also have a charge to be paid to a third party or a minimal fee to cover the event organization, please read the event details carefully and contact the host with any questions.

To join "Brighton Rendezvous", please click on the JOIN US button located at the right of our toolbar. We just ask that once you join our group;

- you post a photo of yourself on your profile, so that we can recognize you at our meetups;

- You do not have to attend all our fun events, it's totally optional. However, if you do RVSP "Yes" then please make sure that you show up. If you do end up having to cancel at the last minute then please just email the host to let him/her know;

- Again, you don't have to participate in any of our events to remain an ACTIVE member. All you have to do is log into our website at least once every 3 months and your membership will automatically be updated;

- Please talk to your friends about us; the more the merrier!

This is a Meetup group that allows all members to create and host meetups. If you have an idea for an activity or would like to host a potluck dinner, host a movie night, or just have the desire to get together with others, "Suggest a Meetup" and get the ball rolling.

We plan to have many fun potluck dinners, great social activities and to making some great new friends!

Join us for the food, fun and festivities

A few reminders for a pleasant social time for everyone:

If the event description is not clear, please post questions: we'll be happy to clarify and add details. Communication is an important key to a great social life.

As mentioned above, you do not have to attend all our events, it's totally optional. However, if you do RVSP "Yes" then please make sure that you show up. If you do end up having to cancel at the last minute then please just email the host to let him/her know. If we don't hear from you BEFORE the event and you do not show up, we will only tolerate this anti-social behavior 3 times before it's obvious that you do not care about our organizers' time and you should not belong to our group.

If there is any financial loss to our organizers from you not showing up, meaning you RSVP YES but did not show up or changed your RSVP after the reservation time mentioned and the organizer already reserved your ticket for an event, well again, it shows that you do not care about our organizers time and you do not belong to our group.

The primary purpose of this group is to be social and therefore most events are open to your friends as well. If they are your friends, we'd like to meet them too because we are a friendly bunch. But as a member of Brighton Rendezvous Meetup group, you are responsible for your friends's behavior: check with them first to insure they want to join our event and socialize with us. And again show respect for the organizers' time by following through with your commitment, especially if there is a third party involved, such as reservation with a restaurant or event in a private home with limited guests.

A little courtesy goes a long way.

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