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Everyone welcome! Play Role-playing games (RPGs) of all flavours, from Dungeons & Dragons to indie storytelling RPGs. No experience necessary.

We've got an active Discord community for online play at: https://discord.gg/EAFPhgU

Current games and planned games include D&D, Monsterhearts, Pathfinder, Apocalypse World, Zeitgeist, Ten Candles and much more.

We play full campaigns, single adventures and one-off sessions of all sorts - players and GMs wanted!

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Upcoming events (4+)

Against The Giants (5E) (Full)

Needs a location

The twenty-fifth episode in the classic AD&D adventure set in the World of Greyhawk.

With one character captured by Frost Giants and down a ton of hp, our party are on the retreat again and looking to rest up in their cozy cave. Let's hope they get a good night's undisturbed rest & come up with a non-sucky plan to rescue Sheila, the Half-orc barbarian before she gets kebabed.

This is an on-line session using Skype & Roll20. The group is currently full.

The basic rules are available as a free download from the Wizards of the Coast website here:-

Character sheets are available here:-

Shadows of Mir

Craft Beer Co.

LF players for the Alpha test of a new rpg system.
This is a very much a game in the process of construction so potential players should be prepared for lack of polish, janky prototype systems & frequent alterations.. on the flip side if you are in any way a fan of rpg design and are willing to provide feedback while participating in the creation of something new and unusual then this may well be for you.

GENRE: Post-Apocalyptic, Lovecraftian Cosmic horror, Cloudpunk, Science-Fantasy

In the time of our great grandfathers the Gods came.
Ultra-dimensional invaders whose mere presence altered the very nature of reality.
Their coming was presaged in the nightmares of the clairvoyant and the cults of the 'Chosen', those useful, gullible and greedy souls who were touched by the Gods and granted a measure of their power and promises of more to prepare for their arrival.

From the deeps they came, Leviathan. Vast entities of squirming and uncertain appearance, their shifting aspects a hint that what we saw was but an extrusion into our world of something greater yet. These inhuman Deities seemed without limit, able to ignore the normal rules of physics and rationality they drifted above the ground like clouds yet immovable as mountains and no building or bunker was proof to their gaze or grasp. Where they went- they fed, each on some essential property of the world as though they were devouring not just the tapestry of life but the very cloth upon which it rested.

Behind them, seemingly to compound our despair rose the Miasma, a strangely coherent fog that blew and rippled and eddied in the strange turbulences of some intangible breeze, yet seemed utterly unaffected by even the strongest of the world's cleansing winds.
It rose first from the ocean like a global sea-mist and at first it seemed like nothing so much as a curiosity or wonder, that was until the dreams began, then the nightmares and then the changes came, the warping of flesh and soul, a remaking of our world into something alien, and as it rose so we retreated like cows being backed into a pen.

Despite their preparations, despite the overwhelming and incomprehensible power of these alien and inimical gods still our ancestors fought. As the land available to them shrank, submerged under the rising Miasma they fought, as famine tightened around their bellies they fought, as their comrades fell to wound, corruption and insanity they fought, but however bravely they fought it seemed futile, for what weapon can you wield against something to which space itself was clay to be moulded, and yet a weapon was found.. or maybe provided.

Through luck, genius or divine intervention came the Anchors, devices of science that acted like dimensional fly-paper, holding the Gods to this plane and it's rules in such a way as to allow them to be hurt -or even destroyed!
And so in our grandfather's time we achieved our first victories and though no Deity has fallen since our parent's time and the remaining Deities lurk in the miasma like whales in the now hidden oceans their advance checked and the Miasma's rise halted – for now.

Our present world is forever changed, it's innocence lost, but we have adapted and we have learnt.
Already we are starting to replicate the strange abilities of the Gods as proven by the Magi of the Sanction. Though society has regressed, though inequality and injustice has risen.
Though the seas and lowlands are theirs and the miasma has drowned the ruins of what was and strange things prey upon those unlucky enough to dwell at the fringes, still the high places are ours.
For all that the old glories of our race are gone and our once proud nations lie upon the map like the fractured pieces of a broken mirror still we remain united, both in resolve and spirit as well as by the blue skies and the great Skyships of the fleet born aloft by the crystalized and gravity defying ichor of Dead Gods.

Brighton Railway Club RPGs

railway club brighton

We're back! And we're always looking for more people. We run games on a roughly six-month cycle, then once everyone's finished start up a new round.

Right now we have four games on the go:
Dave is running Dungeons and Dragons
Elena is running The Strange
Jon is running Savage Worlds
I am running Scum & Villainy

We'll typically start showing up at the club around 19:30 (although the bulk will show up after 20:00), hang out and chat, maybe play some boardgames, then split up to roleplay at 21:00. If this interests you, then feel free to come by and see if you like it. We've just started up a new round of games so now would be a good time to join.

We're a warm, friendly bunch and look forward to meeting you.

P.S. The club does not offer food (beyond bar snacks) so bringing food is fine. A lot of us would recommend the pizza van outside the co-op. Membership at the club is not mandatory, but they appreciate it and it gets you cheaper drinks.

Numenera Starter Adventure

Craft Beer Co.

Session 2 of our Introduction to Numenera.

In an uneventful session 1, our party encountered a teleporting building & obtained a notebook from a mysterious order of yellow-robed monks. Later on they found the heads of the missing Dreavish brothers attached to spikes on the back of a giant, armoured & very hostile crab from which they, very sensibly, ran away.

Let's hope that session 2 proves more interesting! ;)

Numenera is set in the far distant future. Civilisation is in a medieval stage but is building on the remains of past societies. Some of them human, some of them not. Some of them terrestrial, some of them not! Weird technology exists & permeates the environment. Some of it is in use but most of it is a mystery to be explored or a terror to be avoided.

The group is currently full but expressions of interest are welcome & we'll see what we can do to fit you in if you are interested.

The short film linked below gives you a bit of the flavour of the setting...

A gallery of some of the fantastic artwork is here:-

And a free 'Quick Start' adventure is available from Monte Cook Games here:-

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Numenera Starter Adventure

Craft Beer Co.

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