What we're about

We get people together to play Role-playing games (RPGs) of all flavours, from Dungeons & Dragons to indie storytelling RPGs. Veterans and new players all very welcome.

Current games and planned games include D&D, Monsterhearts, Pathfinder, Apocalypse World, Zeitgeist, and much more.

We play full campaigns, single adventures and one-off sessions of all sorts - players and GMs wanted!

Please note, due to Meetup's incompetent redesign, it's now more difficult to find the Waiting To Play event, please join this to find out about new groups starting and to let people know what you want to play or run!

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Upcoming events (5+)

(Full) D&D 5e, Adventures beneath the pitiless Sun.

The Craft Beer Co.

D&D 5e campaign with an ancient Egypt/desert theme set in the Southlands campaign setting by Kobold Press. Currently full but feel free to express interest and if a place becomes available I can invite in a replacement.

World of kor’eth (Homebrew D&D Campaign)

The Yellow Book


This is a homebrew campaign that I’ve been working on for a while, This is an open group, all are welcome. If you are new to D&D and want to learn how to play or if you are a D&D veteran looking for a group, all are welcome. All official races and classes executable. Please arrive at 6:30 for a 7pm start. As the establishment is a small bar/pub and standard licensing rules apply ( no outside food or drink) there is a attendance fee per session (to pay for the use of the area) payable on the day.

Blood and Flame (Tales of Leness)

The Windmill pub

It is the time of the golden Empire, an age of magic, intrigue, corruption and danger. The 15th mage empress Nithandri Ashra, newly seated upon the coral throne promises a turn from her grandfather's tyrannical reign, but the embers of insurrection still smoulder in the heart of the once proud Orisian protectorate. A D&D 5th edition mini campaign. We'll be creating characters on the 28th

[Open] Thursdays Railway Club RPG meet

Railway Social Club

We run an open door venue and short sessions to anyone interested in role playing, occasional board games or just socialising as an interest group. We tend to fire up extra games as needed and occasionally arrange weekend events or home games - no rsvp required, just pop along. All welcome from 19:30 on wards for a drink and a very laid back chat, with games kicking off about an hour or so later. http://brightonandhoveroleplayers.blogspot.co.uk/ Cheers, Adrian

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Bexhill Roleplay UK

Bexhill on Sea

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