“Building in” quality with a DevOps pipeline - Brighton Web Development Meetup.

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Brighton Web Development Meetup
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“Building in” quality with a DevOps pipeline

Tonight we will have a presentation by Paul Axon and Jon Baggaley on using DevOps tools and processes to design and build better software for the web. This will also feature demos and practical experiences creating complex web applications using DevOps tools.

We will cover:
• What do we mean by DevOps?
• What problems does it solve?
• How does it fit with Agile?
• Discussing Continuous Integration, Testing & Deployment
• What benefits are there in using DevOps tools?

Showing some practical DevOps examples:
• Setup CI/CD/CT as one of the first priorities
• 100% code coverage across all projects
• Code reviews and a feature branching strategy
• Using a mix of Web technologies such as Angular and .Net
• Scrum sprints using estimated stories and managed backlogs

Doors will open at the Skiff at 6:30pm and the presentations will kick off at 7pm

Hope to see you there.