What we're about

For the ones ready to stop being defined by the external labels and be seen for the pure spirit that they are.

To the ones that have been labelled too much, or not enough. To the survivors and the saviours. To the hiders. To the ones who have seen to much. To the ones who have made too many mistakes. To the ones who have been fooled one too many times. To the ones with stories that are too dark. And to the misunderstood.

For the ones ready for the flow, for the trust, for playful bliss. Ready to see the beauty in differences. To the ones ready to admire other women without being threatened. To the ready to see and to hold and to be seen and to be held.

You are worthy of sisterhood. It is in you and always was. You don’t need to be anything or believe anything. This is for you if you hear the calling for the circle. It is time to reclaim sisterhood, it is time to reclaim the circle. We need this now more than ever. It is time to gather. (Online!)

Do you feel the pull to connect with more women, deeply, openly and honestly?
This is for you if you are curious and excited about the wisdom that moves through us and empowers us when we commune together.
The competition and fear is discarded.
There will be meditation, sharing and supportive magic. There will be joy and movement. There will be connection and wisdom.
Just bring an open heart.

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