What we're about

Brighton and Hove Organic Gardeners was set up in 2001 when a small group of gardening friends wanted to support the organic cause in the local area and inspire more people to garden organically. We are a not-for-profit community organisation entirely run by volunteers.

These days, we have a community allotment, (https://bhorganicgardeninggroup.org/our-allotment/) run an urban gardening course (https://bhorganicgardeninggroup.org/phoenix-garden/) and host a calendar of events and activities (https://bhorganicgardeninggroup.org/phoenix-garden/whats-on/). But most importantly, our group exists to encourage and support organic gardeners in the local communities of Brighton and Hove.

You don't need to have a garden or allotment to be a member, and you also don't need to volunteer - a large part of our work is updating members monthly by email with all the latest information on organic gardnening. For more information and for membership visit our website (https://bhorganicgardeninggroup.org/join-us/) where you can also sign up for our monthly newsletter (https://wordpress.us6.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=5a1561d13dfe217b83b8c01e7&id=56222391be).

You can also contact us at: info@bhogg.org or write to us at: BHOGG, c/o Community Base, 113 Queens Road,Brighton, BN1 3XG.