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EFT and Archetype Work
Learn about EFT - emotional freedom technique or tapping is great for dealing with limiting beliefs. Learn about Archetypes and how they influence and shape your world. Following on from the work described by Carl Jung and Caroline Myss. We will be exploring various archetypes and looking at how they create influence in different sectors of your life. What we'll do We will sit in a group and begin a gentle quick meditation to leave behind the cares and stresses of the day. Then we will begin to tap. Your issue can be kept private and there is no expectation for you to share. EFT is easy to learn yet highly effective, it can be used on anything from emotional or spiritual to physical issues. It can be used for yourself or for other people. EFT groups are great for several reasons. -Amazing support from qualified practitioners -Borrowing benefits which means that you will share in the healing process with others -Clear and succinct instructions with handouts -Opportunity to practise learning -Chance to meet new people and try EFT Benita • What to bring Just bring yourself • Important to know The Healthy Living Company is an easy access building but if you have any particular needs please message me and I'll do my best to help.

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What we're about

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is quickly gaining acceptance as a simple but profoundly effective tool for emotional and physical healing. This group offers people the chance to work through any issues they fancy (physical or emotional) whilst learning tapping together with a group of like-minded people in a friendly environment.

These sessions will give you a chance to clear some of your own baggage, to practice the technique and be supported while you learn, and to develop greater confidence in using EFT on yourself and with friends and family. Complete novices are very welcome, as are more experienced ‘tappers’, who want to be part of a supportive EFT community.

We focus on borrowing benefits and as group tapping raises the energy in the room, we often we have quite astonishing results.

The group is designed around YOUR journey...Yet how can group work be specific to you?

Well, all roads lead to Rome and I know all that negative 'stuff' in your life (or head) will leads to your core beliefs - what you believe about yourself and the world to be true. With all my private clients, I emphasise the importance of working with these beliefs through homework, journalling, daily tapping and ultimately by taking responsibility for their own journey they find the tools that work for them. I help you find those beliefs and give you exercises to work with at home. Discover what your subconscious mind is saying and learn how to accept, change and shift it!

So, what are you waiting for? Come and learn a new tool for life to help you mange through the every day stressors, explore what's going on for you or what's stopping you meet your goals and meet some like-minded-change-embracers on the way. I know that coming to a new group can be a bit scary, and you can sit as quiet as a mouse (please don't squeak though) for the first meeting. There is no requirement to 'share' your stuff with me or the rest of the group...My aim is inspire you so that you want to share it with yourself.

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