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Let's meet some local Brights, have some fun, and at the same time achieve something worthwhile! Besides enjoying the camaraderie, we will gather to put some of our ideas into motion - try to make some changes in our locale (e.g., in schools, libraries, and other civic institutions).

The hub of the international internet constituency of Brights is in Sacramento. So, because of the locale, we have an opportunity to also work in sync with Brights Central to develop models for other community clusters. Participants in Sacramento's group either are brights (have a naturalistic worldview themselves) or are persons who strongly support the civic inclusion and equality of those who do.

Brights Action Sacramento welcomes not just Brights, but all who would enjoy working together with Brights on activities in sync with the aims put forth in The Brights' Net website: www.the-brights.net (http://www.the-brights.net/)

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