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Brigitte’s raw vegan adventure began in early 2013, when she decided to take her life and health into her own hands and eliminate all animal products from her diet. Within a year, she lost 50 pounds and made more than 50 new friends. She then started her own Vegan Commissary Kitchen for entrepreneurs needing a Commercial Kitchen for use by the hour, week or month with an affordable plan for start-up food entrepreneurs or those already established. Her Commercial Kitchen is in Boca Raton and for inquiries, contact 561-394-7466 or go the the website www.HealthyFoodFactory.com.

The Raw Food Potlucks are on a Sunday at 6:00 PM in West Delray Beach (Jog Rd / Lake Ida). Each person please bring an organic raw-vegan (no animal products) food dish to serve 20 or more people. Some examples of raw potluck dishes are, starting with the simplest of salads, chopped organic fruits, and sliced vegetables. Then more elaborate recipes, some "mock" raw dishes such as live "pizza," "lasagna," "granola," "raw crackers," "chocolate cake," etc. Feel free to bring guests to encourage them to eat raw food too!


Raw Foodist: A person who consumes uncooked, unprocessed, raw food, usually organic. For example fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc. A dehydrator, at degrees under 115, can be used for fruits or various recipes such as raw crackers, raw bread, raw cake, etc. Most raw foodists are raw vegans.

Raw Vegan: As described above, however only consumes plant based foods and does NOT eat animal products such as raw milk etc.

Special Note on Agave: Please avoid using agave as a sweetener as scientific research proves it is equivalent to the dangers of high-fructose corn syrup. For further information refer to Mercola.com or use this link to read the research


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