What we're about

A safe container for a delicate subject.

• Have you ever questioned if it is possible to have both love and desire in long-term relationships?

• Have you ever noticed that the more intimate a couple is, the less desire they may feel for each other in some cases?

• Is there a paradox in our romantic relationships: love versus lust? And how can we deal with it in a healthy and sustainable way?

• Do you feel that it has been awhile since you have talked about this subject with someone?

• Do you feel that there are unspoken feelings and thoughts that need to be talked about but you don’t have a space for them?

Relationships are one of the most delicate themes of our lives. There are many questions, myths and taboos surrounding them and little space in our society for people to express their questions in a safe way, free of judgement. It is even harder to find content and tools that explore this subject deeply and translate it into practical hints to enhance our awareness and quality of our relationships.

This group is all about the above subjects! Here you'll understand relationships through a way not commonly explored, will have the opportunity to break myths and barriers and will learn concepts and tools to apply in your life.

IMPORTANT: Our conversations won’t be about sex and all of the different, creative positions that you can do. We will be talking about working on our mindset towards love and lust in order to challenge our presumptions regarding both!

Who is this for?

We invite both women and men willing to evolve in their relationships in a healthy and sustainable way to come, learn, and share as much as you feel comfortable with. It doesn't matter if you are in a relationship now and doesn't even matter if you have ever been in one before. You don't need to worry about having to share your personal experiences. Feel free to participate according to your own limits.

What will we be talking about?

• Do you know that a sustainable relationship requires conscious actions?

• Do you know that, yes, you can manage the paradox of desire versus love and have both?

• Do you know how to start a dialogue with your partner about your deepest needs?

• Have you ever thought about relationships as a system with very particular dynamics that you can manage to get the best out of it?

• Have you ever thought that things that have been bothering you can indeed be solved and it's just a matter of understanding how to deal with them?

Those are just some of the subjects we'll be talking about in our meetings.

Come and join this community that will provide you with:

... encouragement when you are feeling sluggish,

... feedback when you are confused, and

... challenges when you are feeling eager to grow!

See you in our next meeting! :)

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