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Azure functions, async await, MongooseOS & Magikcraft tour of Europe

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Level 6 Toowong Tower, 9 Sherwood Road, Toowong · Brisbane

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Gather at the Gallery Level Lift area for pickup by security or Chris Dewar (0415201961)

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Hello everyone! We have a great series of talks coming up, as well as some other community events around the time of our meetup which we'll discuss on the night.

• Remember to keep your RSVP's up to date if your plans change so folks on the waitlist have a chance to attend.

Create, Debug & Deploy JavaScript Azure Functions - Thiago Passos ( - 30m
What's serverless? And why would you go serverless? Worry no more, these questions will be answered, as Thiago shows us a great way to get started by using Azure Functions. You don't need to move all your applications to the cloud right now, you can start with bits and pieces without compromising your existing applications and see for yourself how great it can be.

Async and await in JavaScript VS promises VS callback - Alberto Falchi ( - 10m
JavaScript is a naturally asynchronous language, but these days there's several ways of doing the same thing. Alberto Falchi will be joining us to discuss the varieties of asynchronous techniques, when to use one or the other… and why!

Internet of JavaScript Things - Automate your life with MongooseOS and mJS - Christopher Biggs ( - 20m
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the third computing revolution, the story so far being Personal computing, Cloud computing and now Ubiquitous computing (IoT).

The most annoying challenges in the Internet of Things (IoT) are connecting Things to the cloud safely, managing your Things, and updating them. Mongoose-OS is the new hotness that solves all these problems for you out of the box, and lets you skip ahead to the cool stuff.

Magikcraft's "JavaScript Über Alles" Tour of Europe - Joshua Wulf ( - 20m
Fresh from speaking at NDC Oslo, setting a new JavaScript world record, and launching the Magikcraft Open Source Platform at CoderDojo's Coolest Projects in Dublin, Ireland, the legendary Josh Wulf presents a wrap-up of the trials, the triumphs, the revolutionary technology, and the life-changing movement that is Magikcraft: introducing a new generation of coders to the power of JavaScript through Minecraft.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will be deeply moved by this touching story of the human impact of the world's one true full-stack language: JavaScript.

Why don't you present something? 📣

BrisJS is always looking for talks from folks just like you!

You don't need to be an expert speaker, or an expert JavaScript-er to give a presentation. Everyone's got to start somewhere!

You can start by submitting or claiming a talk on the GitHub issues page (! Alternatively, come and find Kev or Ash on the night and we'll be more than happy to help you get started.