Fun with Babel & ASTs in JavaScript, Lessons from StackOverflow, Agile 101

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Hi Everyone! I hope you'll join us for another online edition of BrisJS!

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We're very grateful to 3 speakers this month for volunteering the following talks. Even though for the moment we're all online, we still really need more volunteers, so please don't be shy!

🧩 Fun with Babel and ASTs in JavaScript - Ashley Davis (@ashleydavis75) - 20m
You probably know about Babel and may have even used it in your JavaScript projects to make use of the latest JS features and compile your code to other JS version specs. But did you know that it's not very difficult to create your own custom Babel plugins? You can use this to automatically manipulate and augment your code in really robust and reliable ways. You can even go as far as to add your own custom language features! In this talk Ashley will show us some of the background you need to approach this and we'll learn step by step how to create a simple Babel plugin.

🤹 Five Lessons from refactoring StackOverflow code - Josh Wulf (@sitapati) - 15-20m
Josh noticed several patterns emerge from the problems that people were grappling with in the javascript and node.js tags on StackOverflow. He noticed he was fixing the same things over and over again in people's code and I started to understand the underlying problems that were causing people to throw up their hands and turn to StackOverflow with their b0rked code. Josh has tried to distilled them down to 5 things that you can take away to improve your JavaScript coding life, especially if you are getting started. "These five things, if you adopt them, will make you JS coding journey 253% easier".

🤹 Agile 101 - Dallas Clark (@DallasClark) - 20m
Working together on larger projects in JS relies on good communication and a working framework. Dallas is here to give us a software development oriented view of how agile practices can make your dev journey just a bit more robust by applying some agile basics to rally around.

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(Sorry we can't get you any pizza/drinks this time! 😔)


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