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BrisJS - Brisbane JavaScript
BrisJS - Brisbane JavaScript
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Every 1st Monday of the month

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Level 6 Toowong Tower, 9 Sherwood Road, Toowong · Brisbane

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Gather at the Gallery Level Lift area for pickup by security or Dev (0412 974 666)

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Last BrisJS of the decade! What a time to be alive!
Thank you to all those who stepped up to present for this month. It's a truely special honour to have everyone in this community and i hope you'll all join us for more in Feb 2020... for now, here's all the talks:

Please remember to submit for Feb Talks! Check the links near the bottom.
Please share the lineup with everyone and RSVP to join us on Monday night, as they may have missed it.

Enjoy our sponsored pizza by PCCW Global and drinks by Just Digital People while networking with your peers, as is standard at our famous events 🍕

6:15 PM - Arrive & mingle - wait at Gallery Level elevators for security to let you up (same level as the train station)
6:30 PM - Welcome & introductions by Kevin Vanderbeken
6:45 PM - Talks begin…

📩Postman: How to test and monitor your APIs with no hassle - Jernej Kavka (@jernej_kavka) - 30min:
Testing and monitoring APIs is a hard and time-consuming process. In this talk, Jernej will show you how to simplify debugging and integration testing with Postman. He'll import requests from Open API (Swagger), switch between different environments, manipulate environment variables with scripts, monitor the health of the application and much more.

⏱Networking during intermission - 25min:
Pizza thanks to PCCW Global's Brisbane team & Drinks thanks to Just Digital People :-)

🗣Voice AI technology, use cases and demos - Shreyas Nivas (@shreyasnivas) - 20min:
Shreyas has been working on a voice AI application platform that can replicate real voices for a variety of use cases. In this he'll be demonstrating the voice tech and discussing some of the technology challenges with delivering voice audio to a creative user-base over the web. What kinds of frontend stack might support the heavy text to audio capability that they demand?

🧪NOTE: "When to TDD" has unfortunately been cancelled.

⚡️Lightning talk - Metamodules: Importing the banana without the forest - Jarred Filmer (GH: BrighTide) - 5min
Often we encapsulate and deploy microservices as a node module. This is great, but when you want to re-use something from that service then your other services have to import an entire service just to use it. Using typescript and some npm scripts though you can create a "meta-module" build step, that packages what you need and publishes it as a separate module to be imported by other services.

📹How live coding on Twitch made me a better developer - Josh Wulf (@sitapati) - 20min:
After Josh has been streaming for some time on YouTube, he now professionally live codes on Twitch too.
He joins us to share his experiences, and the surprising discovery made during live coding; his hardware and software setup; and the tools that he's written in JavaScript to automate my workflow. Keen to stream? Josh could give you a boost!


❓Why not volunteer to speak next time? We're taking talks for Feb or March! Have you got something to say? Submit your talk today! https://brisjs.org/#present

Also check our github issues page for upcoming topics or make requests. https://github.com/BrisJS/meetups/issues

👉 Code of Conduct
BrisJS is dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment policy can be found at: https://bris.js.org/#conduct
We expect everyone to abide by this straight-forward policy to attend.

👉 Accessibility
The upper and lower car parks in Toowong Village are open until 10:30 at night, leaving plenty of time for you to leave after the event. BrisJS is wheelchair accessible from the taxi rank, car parks and train station, but please note the train station is only wheelchair accessible via the street after the centre closes at 9pm.

Please get in touch for presenting your insightful discoveries in the rapidly developing frontend or backend javascript world.

You're also welcome to get in touch with me at [masked] (or tweet at @brisjs) for any information for future events.