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Taking your ruby skills to the next level & rSpec vs MiniTest & Queueing

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"Taking your ruby skills to the next level" TM pending

Rob with his monthly Ruby intro and detailed review into a single class and its methods.

rSpec vs MiniTest

A comparative glimpse at the strengths and weaknesses of both testing frameworks

Messaging with ZeroMQ!

I've been playing with ZeroMQ a bit recently and will prepare a talk on this one. Specifically, I've been working with the "rbczmq" gem and have made some contributions to it that have been accepted.

"WAT T. F."

Who will win this month with the weirdest Ruby WAT... (eg. p:label). Email them directly to me.

Lightning Talks

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Get there after 5:00pm for a 6pm SHARP start...

Dinner afterwards at 8pm

Drinks sponsored by ninefold