How not to translate a videogame

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Have you ever wanted to play a game but tragically found that it isn't available in your language? Ryan Davis has, and in this talk we'll use that premise to explore the world of machine translation, simultaneously confirming the human translation industry's viability for many years to come. Although we don't quite get the outcome we hoped for, we will get a good overview of Azure's vision and text translation capabilities. Not to be discouraged too quickly, we'll then cover how we can improve the quality of our results by building a tailored translation model for our domain using Azure Custom Translator. Time and luck permitting - in the spirit of 'doing it wrong' - we'll hopefully also see a gratuitous smattering of other Azure and .NET technologies employed in pursuit of what was ultimately always a relatively doomed endeavour. A somewhat tongue-in-cheek but informative introduction to one of Azure's expanding offerings.

Ryan is a possibly confused technology practitioner who started out many moons ago in consulting but lately spends most of his time in mobile development or his favourite program, LINQPad. He co-hosts the Brisbane C# Mobile Developers Meetup and prefers Azure over AWS, iOS over Android, Nintendo over Sony and tabs over spaces.