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Every 2nd Wednesday of the month

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Our last event of the year will follow tradition and feature several short & sharp presentations.

TOPIC: Quick and easy testing Web APIs with Postman
SPEAKER: Jernej Kavka | SSW

Ever felt testing APIs is hard because you need to copy a lot of things like auth token, last created ID, etc. Annoyed by the fact every environment requires a different URL and parameters to make it work? Let me show you, how you can URL requests for different environment, save IDs from responses to be used in a different request and how to quickly write integration tests with help of Postman.

TOPIC: How to be certifiable when your head is in the cloud
SPEAKER: Dan Toomey | Deloitte, Microsoft Azure MVP

Confused about Azure certifications? Not sure which exam you need (or want) to take? Can't keep up with all the changes? This talk will help you make sense of it all as we discuss the new certification paths. Spoiler: It's simpler than it used to be!

TOPIC: Overview of Azure Alerts
SPEAKER: Gayatri Guru | Michael Hill Jeweller

How handy can it be if every Azure resource can be monitored without having to write behind the scene logic? Microsoft has this very handy feature which makes alerting and monitoring of Azure resources quite simple. Azure Alerts proactively notify the user(s) based on the configuration every time the underlying conditions are met. What’s more- all this is just a matter of configuration without writing a single line of code for it.

TOPIC: Building a website without a web server on Azure
SPEAKER: Todd Whitehead | Microsoft

JamStack is a popular modern architecture for creating web apps apps using JavaScript, APIs, and prerendered markup all delivered without web servers. The end result is fast, dynamic and more secure web sites that can cost significantly less than traditional approaches. In this session I’ll share how I build retrodevops.com using the JamStack architecture, Hugo and Azure as well as lessons learned along the way.