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Books have so much to offer! Finding a good one can take us on a journey, teach us amazing stuff, make us laugh in that embarrassing way we have, demand to know who on earth thought it was a good idea to turn it into a movie, keep us burning the midnight oil when we just know we’ve got to get up early, and – best of all – provide a totally excellent excuse to start a book club.

If you’ve been looking for somewhere in the eastern suburbs to get together with others who love the written word, then Lit Up by the Bay is the place to be. We meet the last Thursday of every month in Wynnum, on Brisbane’s beautiful Bayside. And, just like the best mystery writing, Lit Up by the Bay is a book club with a bit of a twist. Each month we’ll be reading a book that’s either engaging modern fiction, thought provoking non-fiction or one which could be described as “classic” – whether it’s from relatively recent times or yonks ago.

So, if all this sounds like your kind of literary thing, then don’t hesitate to join us now. Happy reading!

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September book club - The Shiralee

Wynnum Library

Hello! Spring is here at last! We're going to celebrate the new season with a fantastic classic of Australian literature - The Shiralee by D'Arcy Niland. Niland's first and most famous novel, The Shiralee, went on to be a major best seller. It was later made into a film with the legendary Peter Finch, and still later, a TV series with Bryan Brown. In a quintessentially Australian tale that would horrify Social Services today, a father and his very young daughter are on the run, traversing the outback of the late 1920s in all its harshness and unpredictability and as the Depression looms ahead. Hugely popular throughout the decades, this enduring story avoids sugary sweetness and instead gives readers a take on fatherhood that is forthright, absorbing and genuinely moving. Here's the blurb: A shiralee is a swag, a burden, a bloody millstone - and that's what four-year-old Buster is to her father, Macauley. He takes the child on the road with him to spite his wife, but months pass and still no word comes to ask for the little girl back. Strangers to each other at first, father and daughter drift aimlessly through the dusty towns of Australia, sleeping rough and relying on odd jobs for food and money. Buster's resilience and trust slowly erode Macauley's resentment, and when he's finally able to get rid of her, he realises he can't let his shiralee go. In evocative prose that vividly conjures images of rural Australia, The Shiralee reveals an understanding of the paradoxical nature of the burdens we carry, creates a moving portrait of fatherhood, told with gruff humour and a gentle pathos. ------- Can such a classic Aussie tale stand the test of time? Will attitudes from so long ago make a difference to how we view what's been described as 'Australia's of Mice and Men'? Let's see what we all think when we get together this month! We'll be meeting at 6.30pm on Thursday August 29th, at Wynnum Library (above Woolies) in Florence Street, Wynnum. You'll find plenty of free parking on-street or underneath the building. Cost for the evening is $5 and do please feel free to bring along some drinks and nibbles to share. ------- REVIEWS: 'One of the greatest of Australian novels.' - The Argus 'An absolute gem, one of those delicious reads that transports you to another time and place, and makes you hungry to read more of the same thing.' - Reading Matters 'Niland writes with strong straightforward prose and the plot is unfolded without sentimentality which makes it all the more moving.' - Library Thing You can read more reviews here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/625198.The_Shiralee

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