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We are currently experiencing the largest digital transformation the world has ever seen, with countless workplaces pivoting to remote work. Although this pivot is not by choice we must learn to embrace change, adapt and make the most of the environment around us.

If you are working from home, you are not alone.

On Thursday morning we will come together on Zoom to drink virtual coffee and tea and speak about the highs the lows of remote work and how to harness your productivity at home.

We will talk about mental & physical health, tips on collaborating with others online, how to limit distractions and how to structure your day to suit you.

Joining us on the call we have:
Jay Farrell @ bot.hello - an entrepreneur himself, Jay is no stranger to the "out of your garage" style start up. His journey growing his startup, tackling his own mental health and becoming productive and happy working from home is honest and inspiring!

Elizabeth Ciaramello @ LearnKey - Hailing from Phoenix Arizona, Beth is a permanent Digital Nomad! She has been working remotely for 5 years and for the past 2 years has travelled to more than 20 countries working remotely.

Yas Grigaliunas @ WBGS - Known for her fantastic work in the circular economy, something you may not about Yas is that she travelled for 1 year with her entire family, working on the road.

Damian Karzon @ Work180 - As a Senior Tech Lead within a fully distributed company, Damian knows so much about the tools, processes and fun ways to engage a team and make working remotely seamless, fun and effective.

Steph Leahy @ Coder Academy - In 2018, Steph took the leap into remote work and joined a program called Remote Year. Alongside 35 other professionals she travelled and worked from co-working spaces across 12 countries in South East Asia, Europe, Africa & South America.

We look forward to seeing and speaking with you on screen!!