What we're about

We're a group of passionate geeks looking to learn more about functional programming and how it can help us in our professional lives. Members range from absolute beginners through to advanced users. Everyone at any level is welcome to attend and/or speak.

Monthly meetups are sponsored and pizza is provided.

Lots of us hang out in the #bfpg IRC channel on Freenode, and are happy to answer questions, throw ideas around and generally banter.

Come along and bring your friends! We look forward to seeing you there.

The BFPG Organisers.

Upcoming events (1)

BFPG Meetup - April 2023

Brisbane Square Library

1800: Welcome and setup
1815: Brad Parker - From Simple Haskell Data Types to a Streaming HTTP Server
No later than 2000: Pack down, exit, head to Criterion pub.

From Simple Haskell Data Types to a Streaming HTTP Server

I enjoy making big things out of little things. Here we'll take a simple but impractical model for handling HTTP 1.1 connections and bring it closer to the real world using mostly simple Haskell data types such as tuples and Either. Along the way we'll discuss an approach to streaming in Haskell, predominantly lifted from both the Streaming and Pipes library ecosystems, starting with a list-like abstraction and ending up with a function-like one.

Past events (171)

BFPG Meetup - March - Introduction to Pre-Scheme

Brisbane Square Library

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