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Higher Order Fun + Simple Game Programming for Functional Programmers

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Higher-Order Fun by Katie Miller

Katie will be giving a preview of the talk she will be presenting at RuPy 2013, a dynamic language conference being held in Budapest, Hungary. The main programming language used will be JavaScript. Here is the abstract:

If you've noticed fellow coders babbling about functional programming but it all sounds like gobbledygook, this is the talk for you. Katie will give a gentle introduction to FP focusing on one of its core idioms -- higher-order functions. Come along to learn more about the functional approach to problem solving, meet the 'Three Musketeers' every programmer should have on their side and witness some live coding frivolity.

Katie is an OpenShift Developer Advocate at Red Hat, a Co-Founder of the Lambda Ladies group for women in functional programming and a Co-Organiser of the Brisbane Functional Programming Group.

Simple Game Programming for Functional Programmers by Nick Partridge

Recently, several libraries for game programming in Haskell have emerged, allowing us to play with game ideas in the strictest of FP environments. Come along for a brief introduction to game programming using Netwire, a library for functional reactive programming in Haskell.

Flying Sheep Battles is a simple 2-player, physics-based game written in Haskell over a weekend. We'll use it as a case study to explore how games can be programmed in Haskell, and why that is so awesome.

Nick is a jack-of-all-trades developer at Oomph (an iPad publishing company) and spends most of his time working in Objective-C, Scala and Haskell. While having never worked in the game industry, he spent his formative years working on Half-life and Tribes 2 game mods with people who became actual Game Developers, and so feels experienced by proximity to authority.