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Intro to Haskell II + Comonads, Applicative Functors, Monads and Other Things

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Introduction to Haskell, Part II by Nick Partridge

Continuing on with the Yorgey Lecture series, we will tackle lecture 2, and learn the basics of declaring and using data types in Haskell.

Comonads, Applicative Functors, Monads and Other Principled Things by Tony Morris

In this talk, we will discuss what these concepts represent and how they apply in everyday programming practices. A concrete explanation of the meaning and motivation for each of these will be provided — no metaphors or handwaving. Some of the practical consequences will be introduced by drawing on the ubiquitous knowledge of everyday programmers.

The audience should expect to walk away with an introductory understanding and vocabulary for these topics with a capability to directly apply this knowledge in any programming environment and an aspiration to take this knowledge further.