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Yorgey Lecture IV by Christopher McKay

So far we have explored data types, pattern matching, and recursive functions in our quest to achieve functional enlightenment, but singular functions alone are lonely things. If only we could assemble a number of functions together to form a super function...

This month we explore methods to compose functions together, through currying and partial application, treating them as Higher-Order functions, and eventually exploring folds. Through this we can reduce the complexity and amount of code we write in common patterns by combining pre-made implementations with application-specific code.

Java 8 for Functional Programmers by James Livingston

Java 8 introduced several new features which will make applying functional programming principals in Java simpler, easier and more concise.

Beginning with an overview of Lambdas and the Streams library, we will then look at how they can be used to improve the quality of Java code. We will discuss the good parts, the parts that don't live up to what we would like, and what it may mean in future for Java and the FP world.

A basic knowledge of Java and functional programming concepts is assumed, but you don't have to be an expert at either.