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Intro to Haskell 7 (Folds/Monoids) and Scalaz

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Please note that we're at Red Hat again this month.

'Introduction to Haskell 7 - Folds and Monoids' by George Wilson

This is the seventh instalment of Brent Yorgey's Introduction to Haskell lectures.

We've seen how a list can be aggregated into a single value using folds. This lecture explores how we might create similar folds for our own data structures; yet another example of how higher-order functions save us from repeating ourselves. The lecture will also explore monoids, one of Haskell's most prevalent typeclasses.

'Scalaz: the history, the motivation, the battles, the future' by Tony Morris

Founding BFPG member Tony will give us a taste of Lambda Jam Chicago by presenting his LJ talk at BFPG.

It was early 2008, working for a small Java consultancy company in Brisbane that Scalaz came to be.

In this talk, we will have some fun looking at the Scalaz library when it first started and the objectives that necessitated it. Some of the more ubiquitous abstractions of Scalaz will be discussed in detail, along with examples of practical application.

Scalaz has had a contentious history, with staunch absence of compromise for less principled approaches to programming. We will look at the reasons for this approach and the practical outcomes that result. The talk also address some of the most common concerns surrounding the Scalaz library.