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IO in Haskell (Yorgey 8) & Lightning Talks

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Introduction to Haskell VIII - Jamie Cook

Haskell is lazy and therefore pure, which has some interesting consequences given that almost all programs need to take some input and give some output to the outside world.

In this lecture, we'll discuss the way that haskell allows IO while keeping things pure; the IO type.

Lightning Talks

The lightning talks will be (in no particular order):

• Fraser Tweedale: Deploying haskell to PaaS

• Sean Chalmers: Purescript FFI

• David Laing: Quickcheck

• Steven Shaw: How we got here — the genesis of enlightened programming languages

• Ben Kolera: Foldable and Traversable

• Andrew Newman: Ologs (DBs are Categories)

• Matt Brecknell: Introduction to Difference lists

• Rob Ellen: Introducing FP slowly into the day job
Red Hat
193 North Quay, Level 3(at the corner of Herschel and North Quay) · Brisbane
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