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Social Board Games @ Good Games Brisbane!
Visit and join our Facebook group at to talk about games and other such things about this event!! A common event our group holds involves board gaming of all sorts at Good Games! The venue has tables, usually shared with Magic players but nevertheless plenty of room! With good sportsmanship, we play all types of games from board games such as Catan, Pandemic, Munchkin etc to Card Games (such as Bang, Star Wars LCG) and miniatures (e.g. Star Trek Attack Wing). We bring a small library of games but most bring some to the event so there is usually a lot to choose from. Great thing about bringing a game or two is there are people you can play it with and have some good fun!! :-) Many people who come may bring a game that they have but have not had the people to play it with, so bringing it you can play it just so you can get a group together! You can also organise a large 2+ hour game! Make sure to post a comment about it and see if you can make a team beforehand, or wait until the day. Disclaimer: By giving a RSVP to this event you agree to abide by the BGSC Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct establishes a minimum standard of behaviour expected by those attending, so as to create a comfortable and fun atmosphere free of negative behaviour. The Code can be found on the Meetup group's main page and on Facebook. Any breaches will be noted and taken seriously by the BGSC Leadership Team.

Good Games Brisbane

74 Little Edward Street, Spring Hill QLD 4000 · Brisbane

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Defn. Geek (gēk) - noun - An individual with a particular interest or devotion to a subject that goes beyond or is not considered to be in the cultural mainstream. Music Geek, Gaming Geek, Anime Geek, Film Geek...

Yes you identify yourself as a geek. For you it is a mark of pride, a mark of distinction. You've stood in the lines at the comic cons, comfortably read manga right to left and understand that a Dalek is not a pepper shaker.

We are group of people like you and contrary to mainstream belief we can be quite social. Who doesn't enjoy a pint of lager over a game of Catan as the Tardis flies across the tele in the background?

None the less, Brisbane is a big town and sometimes it can be hard to find people with such refined tastes of the fun and truly awesome. That is where we come in. Perhaps your interests are in table top games such as Dominion, Ticket to ride or Zombies. Perhaps you simply want to watch the next simulcast of Uchū Kyōdai. Heck maybe you just want a group to go to the zombie walk with. Well then, there is a place for you here.

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