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Weekly One-Shots: Dungeon World
Dungeon World: it's like D&D, but with less rules, more story, and more inter-character interaction. You're all invited to come and try out this popular indie tabletop RPG. Second Game: Dungeon World also. Soft start: 6:30pm Hard start: 7:00pm (It's ok if you can't make it by 6:30pm, but we'll be starting play at 7pm sharp...ish) If you RSVP "yes", but your situation changes and you can't come, that's ok but please let us know. It affects our planning on the night. === About Dungeon World === Dungeon World applies the slick Powered by the Apocalypse game engine to the traditional D&D fantasy setting that you know and love. "Dungeon World has won an Ennie for Best Rules (, a Golden Geek for Best RPG (, and an Indie RPG Award." Free rules summary/character sheets. ( review ( Actual play video ( Actual play podcast ( (really good!) === About Weekly One-Shots === Weekly One-Shots is an opportunity for casual tabletop roleplaying, ideal for those who are into indie, story-based gaming, can't commit to long TRPG campaigns, or are too busy on weekends to game. We'll be playing a different game each week (more or less). It's casual, so if you see a game come up that looks like it's up your alley, and the meetup suits your schedule, come along! Also, if you want to request a game, or volunteer to run a game, please do so! Games played so far: Fiasco, Don't Rest Your Head, Dread, Everyone is John, 3:16 Carnage Among the Stars, Night's Black Agents, Shinobigami, Archipelago, 13th Age, Remember Tomorrow, Trail of Cthulhu, Poison'd, the Pool, the Forgotten, Lasers & Feelings, Protocol Game Series, Itras By, Polaris, Call of Cthulhu, Microscope, In a Wicked Age, Old Friends, Lady Blackbird, Apocalypse World, Durance, Dungeon World, Monster of the Week, Vast & Starlit, Primetime Adventures, Kingdom, The Quiet Year, Ghost Lines, SpyFi, Eden, Hearts Blazing, Misspent Youth, Inspectres, Follow, Classroom Deathmatch, Continuum, Cthulhu Dark, Trollbabe, One Last Job, Star Wars (d6), Bliss Stage, Scion, Over the Edge, Strange Gravity, So You Survived, Reflections, Dungeons & Dragons, Monsterhearts 2E, Bluebeard's Bride, Burning Wheel, Danger Patrol, Ryuutama, Swords Without Master, Epyllion, Eclipse Phase, Red Markets, Dusk City Outlaws, Companion's Tale, Uprising, Let's Be Dinosaurs === About one-shot tabletop roleplaying in general === • the whole game begins and ends in one session • no need to commit to attending every week: just pick the games that appeal to you, or the dates that suit your schedule • many one-shot systems are GM-less • emphasis on storytelling and improvised acting, rather than dice-rolling, resource allocation, and probability-based strategy • opportunity to sample lots of different gaming systems, genres, and gaming worlds

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Defn. Geek (gēk) - noun - An individual with a particular interest or devotion to a subject that goes beyond or is not considered to be in the cultural mainstream. Music Geek, Gaming Geek, Anime Geek, Film Geek...

Yes you identify yourself as a geek. For you it is a mark of pride, a mark of distinction. You've stood in the lines at the comic cons, comfortably read manga right to left and understand that a Dalek is not a pepper shaker.

We are group of people like you and contrary to mainstream belief we can be quite social. Who doesn't enjoy a pint of lager over a game of Catan as the Tardis flies across the tele in the background?

None the less, Brisbane is a big town and sometimes it can be hard to find people with such refined tastes of the fun and truly awesome. That is where we come in. Perhaps your interests are in table top games such as Dominion, Ticket to ride or Zombies. Perhaps you simply want to watch the next simulcast of Uchū Kyōdai. Heck maybe you just want a group to go to the zombie walk with. Well then, there is a place for you here.

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