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Nov 21, 2017

What is your geek passion?

Boardgames, video games, comics and assorted films and tv

Give us a short introduction.

I will be living in Brisbane for my Phd for the next year or two. I love all things 'geek' but can be a bit nervous meeting new people so thought Id give this a go.

Who is your favorite geek?

I will be super basic and say Felicia Day because I cant think of anyone better.

What kind of group meet-ups would you be most excited for?

Any type of gaming events, but also dinners/drinks etc

If you like sci-fi/fantasy name some of your favorite shows or characters.

Ive just started reading the Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson and Im enjoying that. I always enjoy Star Trek Next Generation, Supernatural still does it for me at times too. Im waiting for the new Star Trek to capture my interest but its been slow. I openly admit I didnt hate the GoT show even though I read the books. I can have a conversation on most mainstream sci-fi fantasy I guess.