• PTE speaking practice casual meetup

    Needs a location


    $5 to attend. Just pay at the door. We supply questions but feel free to bring any PTE questions of your own. Bring snacks and drinks if you like. We will go though several speaking examples with a teacher and offer advice on how to improve. Session will be one hour.

  • Let's practice Speaking for IELTS!


    So far we've had 3 meet-ups now and our little study group is growing and growing. The first 2 meet- ups we focused on the Listening part of the IELTS test. The 3rd meet-up we did a full a Reading Test and discussed the answers. This time it's Speaking. Come along and see what you can learn. Pop along to a West End. Come at 4 pm if you can make it or join us later. We'll finish at about 5.30 or 6 -ish so you can still go to the ESL meet-up group at South Bank - ( practice makes perfect , lol- ENglish, English, English) Or stay in West End and go to a cafe, restaurant or pub with your new friends.

  • Let's try a IELTS Reading Test!


  • Let's try another IELTS Listening Test with tips to get a higher score

    Our first meet-up a couple of weeks ago went really well and I enjoyed meeting you all. On request we'll do another 40 min IELTS listening Test and practice transferring the answers to your answer sheet to get maximum points. Let me know if you would like to practice Reading ... Or Writing... Or Speaking.... in the next session... What are you interested in ? Do you have a story to share... Or do you want to bring some of your IELTS material you maybe don't understand and want to do in the group ? Tea and coffee and also biscuits are provided to help you think,lol. After the session feel free to sit on our balcony and chat with your fellow test takers. For first timers- please follow the signs to ' MasterCourse' the meeting will be held at the MasterCourse Training Centre. Please RSVP, so we know approx how many photocopies we need. Cheers and looking forward to Tuesday 9th September.

  • Let's meet up and do a listening test!


    We'll start off with a chat and a cup of coffee. Then do a Listening Test. ( 40 min) . Try and see how you do in a safe environment. Meet other people, socialise, make friends and IMPROVE your IELTS score.