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Serilog - Presented by Nick Blumhardt
Have your cake and eat it too! Serilog is a new logging framework for .NET that combines the simplicity of log4net-style string formatting with the power of fully-structured events. Find out more at

About Nick
Nick is an enthusiastic .NET programmer, perhaps familiar as the instigator of the Autofac project or as ex-PM with the .NET CLR. Nick is now a full-time member of the Octopus Deploy team, and occasionally appears as a consultant and trainer.

.NET and Node.js, a match made... at some point - Presented by Maurice Butler
What is this new shiny Node.js thing people are talking about? How can I get started when my current applications are all in .NET?Hopefully I can answer both these questions, show you how to call out to your existing .NET code from Node and show you the magical wonderland of bliss that is full stack JavaScript.

About Maurice

tldr; Doer of all things JavaScript && Node.js.

Maurice has worked with both Web and Windows Client technology on the Microsoft stack for over 10 years and currently works on large Web and JavaScript Apps for a number clients mainly in Node.js.Maurice works for SideLab, and has recently launched (, online digital signatures written with a full JavaScript stack.