June Double Header


Brendan Kowitz: Real-time Web Applications with SignalR

Static web pages and data don't cut it anymore. Information online is real-time and even web applications should respond to continuous changes. As SignalR has recently been introduced as a component to the http://ASP.NET runtime there's no better time to start building web application that respond to change. SignalR does all the heavy lifting and makes it easy to introduce into a wide range of projects, so pry your application out of the static mould and start responding to the real dynamic nature of information and changes as they occur.

Poya Manouchehri: Creating test data/objects easily and clearly

As developers we are (or should be) always looking for ways to write cleaner, more concise tests. In this presentation we'll look at a handful of useful techniques and patterns for setting up test objects/data that are both intention revealing and readable, and make for tests that are less brittle and more resilient to code change. We'll also look at NTestDataBuilder, a simple library that simplifies the use of these patterns.