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The Open Knowledge community brings together people who want to learn and share expertise in "open". Open data, open content, open source, open access, open government, open development - you're welcome! We have a particular interest in open data: finding it, encouraging government to release it, and tools to visualise, mash up, or build apps out of it.

Events are run at the whims of whoever is most enthusiastic at the time, so topics and formats vary from casual chats at the pub to structured workshops teaching mapping or the latest open data technology. Sometimes we work on specific projects, like the Hipster Map of Melbourne or run major events like GovHack or HealthHack. If you have a great "open knowledge" idea, this is the place to pitch it and get people started.

If you have lots of technical skills to share, great! If you are non-technical, but know lots of people in the open world, fantastic! If you're a designer, data journalist, app developer, or data scientist and want to contribute somehow, that's awesome! And if you're none of the above but want to learn or have something to share, that's brilliant - please come along. Not a white male able-bodied coder? Please come along - we're very welcoming and are always trying to increase diversity.

Please have a look at our policies and code of conduct (http://au.okfn.org/code-of-conduct/) before attending events.

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HealthHack Brisbane 2018


HealthHack Brisbane 2018 information night


HealthHack BNE 2017


HealthHack BNE 2016

River City Labs

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