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Join us for a scenic walk along Kangaroo Point walkway to Southbank and past Riverside and then over the Story Bridge back to Kangaroo Point-


THE SUNDAY WALK- lasts 1-2 hours because we always stop at the JADE BUDDAH for a drink.

THE THURSDAY WALK- We meet at 5.30 PM SHARP and we walk in the opposite direction to the Sunday walk and then we go to the STORY BRIDGE HOTEL. PLEASE NOTE!!!! The Thursday walk is rather fast!!!

It's a great way to meet new friends, socialize, network and get fit at the same time! Everyone who comes says how much they love it!




and why not join our other group for heaps of fun social things to do too-

'BRISBANE SOCIAL SINGLES!!!' (you don't have to be single to join.)


We hope to see you soon! Julie, Phil and Michael.

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Social Walk as per the Social Distancing Rules at Mt Cootha EVERY SATURDAY!

The walk from JC Slaughter Falls to the Mt Coot-Tha summit is 2600m uphill (+5 km return.) It is called the Mahogany Trail, number 66 on the MtCoot-tha Forest Track Map. This is a social walk and so we will be going at a pace where we can still talk, we will be sharing the track with cyclists and horses are also allowed so keep to the left. If you are fit and want to walk fast, we will meet you at the top. At the Summit we will have breakfast or coffee together at the Kuta Cafe. The cafe does not take bookings so we will take our chances! The walk is dog friendly but the Cafe is not so if you don't want to leave your dog tied up then you won't be able to go in the Cafe. We can get you something from the Cafe if you wanted. . MEETING POINT (ALERT THIS IS A NEW MEETUP POINT DUE TO CLOSURE OF THE PREVIOUS TRACK) Turn off Sir Samuel Griffith Drive at the JC Slaughter Falls Picnic Area. We meet at the first block of toilets on the right. We leave very prompt at 7 am, if you are late and we have left, you can walk up and meet us at the Summit or you can try and catch up while walking up. There is still plenty of social time for chatting once we get up there and there will be the walk down. Please note that sometimes it is difficult to find a park so allow yourself time and you might have to walk a bit to the starting point. *THE WALK is a new walk because the previous track ( Summit track) has been closed for upgrading until mid 2019. It is a bit longer then the previous track so allow for 40 minutes walking up. See you there! Annemarie Please note that in summer it can be difficult to find a park so allow yourself time because we do leave at 7 a.m. exactly. *****COULD YOU PLEASE R.S.V.P. on the 'Brisbane Social Singles' site too. Not everyone who is attending is single as this is event is also on the 'Out and About Brisbane' site too. We just want to make it easy as possible for the hosts so that they only have to check one site not three.....thank you for understanding. from Annemarie *If you get too many emails ...just go to 'my profile' at the top of the page and turn of 'reminder emails'....

Walk at Mt Gravatt...through Toohey Forest....meet at 9.45 to leave at 10...

Come for a relaxing walk through the forest. It is level track except for one hill. We meet at the car park at the Salisbury Hotel at 9.45 leave at 10. It is about 8 kms. This is not meant to be a fitness orientated walk, although of course, you can walk as fast as you want....it is more a social walk. We might grab lunch or coffee at the shops right near where we park afterwards...we hope to see you there! p.s. this is a joint meetup with another meetup group -'Brisbane Social Singles' so there should be about 20 or more attending. This is an adult only walk and dogs can come but have to be on a lead of course!

Walking & socialising- EVERY SUNDAY..@ 4!

Captain Burke Park


Our meet up is about people having a walk (EVERY SUNDAY AT 4) at whatever pace they want and stopping for some socializing. It is friendly, relaxed and casual and there is no pressure for power walking! Walks are on Sundays at 4 and Thursdays at 5.30. On average there is 15-20 each week on Sundays (and some people don't have time to rsvp). IT REALLY IS NO PROBLEM IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO R.S.V.P.- YOU CAN 'TURN UP'- We DON'T meet under the bridge BUT at the ferry terminal entrance! We stop for a drink at the Jade Buddah PLEASE remember to stay on the walk path at all times and that there is a $1 donation for this event so that we can pay the meetup fee that we have to pay to use the meetup site! If it rains we still meet and catch the ferry over to the Jade Buddah (so you never have to worry if anyone is going). It takes about 1-2 hours and fur kids are welcome (but cannot come into the Jade of course). Dress for walking because we are all VERY casual! IF YOU DECIDE TO CATCH THE FERRY BACK TO HOLMAN STREET AFTER THE JADE AND NOT GO ALL THE WAY AROUND - THE FERRY LEAVES FROM RIGHT OUTSIDE THE JADE AT 7 MINUTES PAST THE HOUR AND 37 MINUTES PAST THE HOUR. If you walk back over the bridge you should be back at the meeting point at about 6.30.... PLEASE BE AWARE WE LEAVE AT EXACTLY 4 AND CANNOT WAIT FOR ANYONE -EVEN IF YOU HAVE R.S.V.P'D - NOT EVEN ALL OF THE ORGANIZERS OF THE WALK. DON'T FORGET THE FANTASTIC WALK ON THURSDAY NIGHT FOLLOWED BY AN EXCELLENT DINNER AT THE STORY BRIDGE HOTEL!! AND YOU ARE ALSO INVITED TO JOIN OUR OTHER GROUP- BRISBANE SOCIAL SINGLES' FOR OTHER GREAT ACTIVITIES AND PEOPLE TO MEET! * PLEASE REMEMBER TO STAY ON THE WALKING PATH DURING THE WALK AS THE BIKE RIDES ARE ON THE PATH NEXT TO WHERE WE WALK. THE HOLMAN STREET CITY CAT TERMINAL IS RIGHT NEAR THE 'JAZZ CLUB' AT ANNIE STREET - KANGAROO POINT WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!

Thurs. walk at 5.30 & THEN DINNER - STORY BRIDGE-

Captain Burke Park


THE WALK- Meet for a scenic walk around the river with very friendly people every Thursday!!!! We meet at the Holman Street Ferry at Kangaroo Point and do our usual Sunday walk (but in the reverse direction!!). We leave at EXACTLY 5.30 because we have to be back in time to meet some people (who may not be walking) at the Story Bridge Hotel for dinner! IF YOU ARE ONLY COMING FOR DINNER - PLEASE TEXT OR EMAIL JOHN SO THAT HE CAN LET YOU KNOW THAT THE DINNER IS ON FOR SURE AND WHERE TO FIND US AT THE STORY BRIDGE because it get busy there! THE DINNER- • WE WILL BE HAVING AN EXCELLENT AND CHEAP DINNER AND DRINKS AT THE STORY BRIDGE HOTEL AND iT'S ONLY $10 FOR THE MEAL AND THE $5 FOR THE SALAD TO SHARE (THIS INCLUDES- CHICKEN WINGS, GREEK SALAD, KABABS, MEATBALL AND CHEESE BALLS) or just buy your own individual dinner if you want! So - come along and escape the stresses of the working week and socialise with some fantastic people and have an good quality dinner too!! WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! YOUR EXCELLENT AND CHARMING HOST- JOHN *This walk is at a FAST pace compared to the Sunday walk! Why not join our other groups- 'Out and About Brisbane and 'Brisbane Social Singles' for other great things to do and fantastic people to meet!!! *PLEASE REMEMBER TO STAY ON THE WALKING PATH DURING THE WALK BECAUSE BIKE RIDERS USE THE PATH NEXT TO US.

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Thurs. walk at 5.30 & THEN DINNER - STORY BRIDGE-

Captain Burke Park


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