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The Bristol & Bath 40+ Meetup Group is a community based social group facilitated by the social networking platform MeetUp. The primary aim of the group is to offer opportunities for members to attend social events in and around Bristol/Bath and surrounding areas. These events are held in public places and commercial establishments open to the public; some events may be held at a private residence at the discretion of the Event Organiser, we will also be hosting some online events within the group.

Our philosophy is to have small numbers attending our Meetups - the exact number is left to the discretion of the Event Organiser. We find this creates a better environment for people to meet and strike up those all important friendships. It also prevents people from becoming intimidated by a larger group of people that they do not know. For this reason, events do fill up quickly - so you will need to be on the ball when announcements are made.

This is a group for people aged 40+ to socialise, enjoy all that Bristol/Bath and surrounding area have to offer. You don't have to be single to join; couples are welcome too. The aim of this group is that all members become active and that we create a social circle of individuals who want to do things together, make new friends, socialise together and more importantly - have fun! If that sounds like you then why not come along and join us - we are a very friendly bunch of people!

We do however require members to have a clear and identifiable profile photo, no cartoons allowed.

Bristol & Bath 40+ Meetup Group is run by volunteers who are not professional event organisers. The group is not funded by any other organisation, Bristol & Bath 40+ Meetup Group will be funded from the membership by asking for a voluntary contribution (suggest one pound per member), paid through a PayPal link, to cover Meetup fees. Members will receive an email in October each year asking them to make a voluntary contribution. Members are responsible for the purchase of their own tickets for any event e.g. theatre trips, except where block booking is required, in which case an upfront fee will be requested when you RSVP, for example Ten Pin Bowling.

To ensure that the group retains its open and approachable ethos a number of house rules and courtesies have been created to ensure that all members have a safe and enjoyable experience when attending one of our events.

General Conduct

1. Attending events.

The group understands that members have busy lives and that things happen that mean it is not always possible for a member to attend an event for which they have signed up. All we ask is that people change their RSVP to No on the Bristol & Bath 40+ Meetup Group page, if they are unable to attend. This helps the host to manage the event more effectively and allows members on a waitlist to attend.

2. Behaviour towards other members.

As an open and diverse group, it is to be expected that members will have differing opinions on a wide range of matters. While this is an interesting and valued aspect of the group, members must at all time respect the beliefs and values of all other members and refrain from making personal or abusive comments about other members. Any breaches of this behaviour could result in a member being banned from the group.

3. Behaviour towards Organisers/Hosts.

Bristol & Bath 40+ Meetup Group is run by volunteers who at all times aim to provide an enjoyable and sociable experience for members. The Organisers are not responsible for the quality or content of events such as theatre productions or restaurant meals. These things are out of the group’s control. Hosts are always happy to receive constructive feedback from members on an event but negative and personal criticism of the group and its hosts is of very limited benefit and not in the nature of this MeetUp group.


Bristol & Bath 40+ Meetup Group is an open and inclusive social group who welcomes all to become members. As the group meets in a wide variety of locations the Hosts and Organisers cannot be responsible for the welfare, safety or access needs of any member who chooses to participate in any event organised by this group. While all reasonable steps will be taken to offer inclusive and accessible events ultimately not all events will be suitable for all members. Every member is responsible for their own health, safety, comfort, enjoyment and welfare and retains the responsibility for this throughout any event.

Please also be aware that this disclaimer includes, incorporates and applies, where relevant, the whole of the Meetup.com term of service agreement which specifically states that members join Meetup and attend all Meetups at their own risk and cannot hold Meetup.com or its Organisers and other members liable for damages.

We look forward to welcoming you to an event soon.

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