Clojure Programming Group (Playing with Python AI GPT2)

Bristol Clojurians
Bristol Clojurians
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Every 2 weeks on Wednesday

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Remote Meetup - link to meeting room will be posted in #bristol-clojurians on

This event we'll be playing with GPT-2 an AI model from OpenAI that can be used to power services like:

More information here:

We'll be doing this via Python interop following this tutorial:

• What we'll do - This study group is for people who want to learn or improve their knowledge of Clojure ( and ClojureScript (

All levels of experience are welcome.

It would be helpful if you have Leiningen ( installed and an IDE with a Clojure plugin, though not essential.

Additionally, we'll be helping beginners start with their IDEs & hello world style projects for anyone new to Clojure